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Zelros – The Insurance Copilot™ : Generative AI at the service of insurance agents

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, March 28, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Zelros – The Insurance Copilot™ introduces new Gen-AI powered features in its latest product release. These new features make Generative AI adapted and accessible to insurance agents’ needs. Notably, 40% of employees dedicate at least a quarter of their workweek to manual, repetitive tasks. These low-value activities, such as document collection and verification, contribute minimally to insurance expertise, skill requirements, and customer satisfaction.

At its core, Zelros aims to enable insurance agents to better serve their policyholders. By leveraging and providing insights for a highly personalized approach, Zelros helps agents to work more effectively without the burden of routine tasks. This initiative not only streamlines processes but also enhances agents’ skills, boosting their productivity and allowing them to concentrate on cultivating trust and relationships with policyholders. In a world where hyper-personalization is the norm, an intuitive user experience is the minimum standard expected for both selling and buying insurance products. Zelros, in collaboration with insurance agents, has created these functionalities to ensure a seamless selling experience without adding unnecessary complexity to their work.

What can you expect from the new GenAI-powered features, built for agents of The Insurance Copilot™?

ALLOW AGENTS TO FIND INFORMATION, GET REAL-TIME AND RELIABLE ANSWERS, eliminating the need to comb through extensive documents. Whether it’s about documentation, procedures, definitions, policyholder information, or a specific policy, Zelros can process all types of structured and unstructured data to provide the answer, citing its source; thereby avoiding the cumbersome task of sifting through extensive documentation. Built on an insurance-specialized LLM and explainability frameworks that comply with insurance regulatory guidelines, the Insurance Copilot™ provides agents with precise and contextually relevant information. This not only streamlines their workflow but also enhances the quality of customer service.

ENABLE AGENTS TO EFFICIENTLY IDENTIFY THE UNIQUE NEEDS OF THEIR CLIENTS through targeted questioning and workflows, thus helping agents to collect essential zero party data information (home, habits, financial projects…). This approach addresses the common challenge in insurance sales where critical information is often overlooked due to time constraints or inadequate questioning. By facilitating deeper interactions, Zelros empowers agents to offer tailored recommendations, thereby reinforcing their role as trusted advisors and proactive partners in their clients’ lives, ensuring that every policyholder receives consistent, high-quality advice and protection.

LEVERAGE VOICE ANALYSIS TECHNOLOGY TO CAPTURE KEY INSIGHTS from conversations between agents and policyholders. Recognizing the importance of operational efficiency, this feature supports real-time decision-making, offering personalized recommendations, actionable next steps, call summaries, email follow up, coaching… during the calls, thereby enhancing the overall sales process.

ENHANCE RISK MITIGATION AND PERSONALIZED ADVICE BY INCORPORATING NEW GEOGRAPHIC AND REAL ESTATE RECOMMENDATIONS, empowering agents to give precise guidance on property sustainability and climate resilience. By analyzing risks tied to real estate assets and locations, Zelros enables unique, tailored recommendations, ensuring policyholders receive services that meet their specific needs. Agents can now use this data to improve safety measures, and manage risks more effectively, ensuring both the insurer and policyholders benefit from heightened security and reliability.


These features represents Zelros’s commitment to revolutionizing the insurance industry by harnessing the power of generative AI. These innovations not only simplify the daily operations of insurance agents but also enrich their professional experience and, by extension, that of their clients. By integrating these features into The Insurance Copilot™, Zelros not only streamlines the workload of agents but also fosters a culture of satisfaction and loyalty among employees and customers alike. It’s a testament to our dedication to improving the insurance landscape, making it more efficient, responsive, and tailored to the needs of today’s policyholders.

Happy agents make happy and loyal customers.

For more information, please contact:
Domitille Dien
Product Marketing Lead | Zelros

About Zelros
Zelros – The Insurance Copilot™ is a pioneer and award-winning SaaS platform that offers real-time personalized insurance recommendations across channels. It enables insurers to provide the best coverage to their policyholders while boosting client acquisition, cross-sell & up-sell, driving agent effectiveness and increasing loyalty. Distribution & Innovation Insurers leaders rely on Zelros to create relevant and proactive experiences for their customers and agents. www.zelros.com

Domitille Dien


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