Why You Should Get Involved in Your Community According to Micah Raskin

Micah Raskin on Why You Should Get Involved in Your Community

NASSAU COUNTY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES , March 19, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Micah Raskin is a professional poker player and a longtime philanthropist in his community.

From working in soup kitchens to helping build hospitals overseas to starting after-school programs for local youth, Micah has experienced the power of giving back firsthand. There are a lot of reasons to get involved in your community besides the obvious, says Micah. And there are so many ways to get involved!

You’re not just limited to volunteering with a Temple or Church or a local non-profit, says Raskin. All you have to do to get involved in your community is take a look around. Do you love being outside? Maybe it’s time to start a community garden. Have a knack for dealing with kids? Set up an after-school care program for your neighborhood! The possibilities are endless.

Helping Others Means Helping Yourself Says Micah Raskin

While you’re volunteering is definitely a boon to those around you, doing good is also good for you, says Raskin. That sense of peace and accomplishment – the warm fuzzies you get after doing a good thing – is excellent for lowering stress and boosts your wellbeing overall.

Science tells us that when we do good things for other people, it activates a neural pathway in our brains that boosts our sense of social connection, community, and compassion. It also lowers activity in the amygdala which is responsible for fear and stress levels. Humans are social creatures and feeling more connected to our community releases endorphins that help with everything from depression to physical pain. So, focusing on the happiness and safety of other people can give you those same benefits in return.

Make New Friends Through Networking

Volunteering in your own community often leads to making connections with people you otherwise wouldn’t have met. And the more people you know in your area, says Micah Raskin, the more connected you feel to your community. It’s a feedback loop of sorts, Raskin tells us. The more people you know, the more connected you are to the community, and the more you want to pour into it and help it succeed. And the more you pour into the community, the more people you meet and connect with!

Networking can also be good for your career and personal life. Maybe you’ll make a connection with a hiring manager while you’re volunteering at your local shelter. Meeting while you’re doing good is an unbeatable first impression! Or maybe you’ll find someone who’s renting a house right when your lease is up. Again, the more connections you have, the easier your life becomes. While volunteering is obviously about helping others, it’s okay to acknowledge that it could do you good as well says Micah Raskin.

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