What’s the Value of a Smile?

Dr. Michael Krochak

Dr. Michael Krochak

What’s the Value of a Smile?

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES , November 13, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — There’s a lot in a smile according to Michael Krochak, and not just for showing off one’s pearly whites for the world to see. The fact is, a good smile showing healthy teeth also pays off dividends for one’s ability to interact, build relationships, network, and convince others or motivate them. And in the Western world, sociability skills are definitely gold for those who know how to use them effectively.

A Cultural Prize to Protect

Dr. Michael Krochak, who has been a dentist and dental restoration expert for over 35 years, knows first hand the value of the smile in Western culture. In case after case, his patients have seen both their business and sales careers skyrocket as a good smile wins them accounts, orders, opportunities, and more. Not to mention, per Michael Krochak and many other health experts, regularly smiling also helps one’s temperament as well as mental health over the long-term. And that puts years on a person’s life as well.

Many experts also agree that smiling helps others around us smile as well, a value of “get-along” that scores big points in Western society versus other parts of the world. Michael Krochak can think of multiple examples right off the top where a serious face is 100 percent expected, but in the West, the smile is definitely the big social winner. No surprise then, those who have a very confident, solid smile oftentimes end up exuding leadership potential and get chosen over others more frequently.

Smiles are Not Stranger to Politics

Politics are not foreign territory to smiling. Michael Krochak and similar dentists regularly help patients who also pursue politics on a regular basis and need their persona and appearance top notch. Not only does a smile evoke friendliness and sincerity, but it also helps win votes a lot more than someone with a serious face, even if the second person is ten times more experienced and better and the potential job.

A Smile Is Now A Company Standard

Even if not trying to impress someone right away, a good smile has indirect benefits as well. Just about everyone in the corporate world or a sizable company today has an employee ID. That same photograph gets attached to one’s personnel record and profile, all of which are being digitized and used as the standard for identifying someone across office boundaries. As Michael Krochak notes, a smiling face can produce a lot of indirect benefits for someone’s career simply making them look better on a company profile page or screen when being viewed.

Listen to an Expert

As he’s seen in many cases needing serious help, Michael Krochak can confirm a good smile is life-changing. And being a dentist, Krochak has his share of up-close perspectives of teeth every day better than most. However, the biggest factor continues to be that in the West the smile is as valuable as gold in many avenues, and dentists like Michael Krochak don’t see that changing anytime soon.

So, if you have a good smile already, protect it by eating healthy and keeping your teeth clean and protected. If you don’t have a good smile because of damage or tooth loss or poor care, dental experts like Michael Krochak can help restore many situations back to their former glory again. However, don’t underestimate how valuable that smile can be. From what Michael Krochak continues to see, it literally can shape and change people’s lives.

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