Vionix Studio Announces Launch of its 10-day game dev challenge for complete beginners

Anyone can make a video game in 10 days with this guided challenge. All you need to do is to follow the steps.

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 8, 2021 / — Game development website, Vionix Studio, is pleased to announce the official launch of its 10-day game development challenge Facebook group. This worldwide group guides any individual or developer to build and launch simple video games in a span of 10-days. Vionix Studio claims that even individuals with zero knowledge of game development can make a game in 10 days with this.

Vionix Studio enables new and aspiring game developers to pursue their dreams. Game development is a very confusing field for someone starting from the basics. There are so many game engines and software’s that people can use to make games. This information can be overwhelming for new developers. This is where Vionix Studio helps developers to follow a path and guide them to success.

“Making your first game can take days or months or even years depending on what path you choose,” says Vinod Ravisankar, owner of Vionix Studio. According to Vinod if the new developer is guided down the right path then a simple video game that is fun to play can be made in 10 days.

With this 10-day game development challenge, a new developer is given a plan for every day for the next 10 days. He needs to stick to the plan and complete every step in the plan. It includes where to start, which video tutorial to watch, which tools to use, and how to use them. It will not be an easy task but with dedication, anyone should be able to complete it.

Additionally, the challenge also teaches you the basics of publishing and marketing your first game. What is the point of making and publishing a game if the players don’t even know about it?

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You can also join the Facebook group from here.

About the Company

Vionix studio teaches game development as a business and not as a skill. Vionix Studio comprises details about running a successful game development business like how to make money with game development and what skills are required to market your game etc. Vionix Studio was created in 2016 and has helped new developers since.

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