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United Nations Global Drug Free World Conference – March 22, 2024

UN Global DFW Conference Room 6

Distinguished Guests

UN Global DFW Moderator Table

President Ali Gedikoglu, COJEP International; Dr. Bernard Fialkoff, President Drug Free World Americas Chapter; Dr. Hugues Sanon, Ambassador Drug Free World Americas Chapter

UN Global DFW Awards

Dr. M. Garay; Dr. G. Crosslin; Datu J. De Tagle; Dr. B. Fialkoff; Sultan T. Cabili; Chairwoman R. Pastor

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, April 2, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Foundation for a Drug Free World International of Los Angeles was represented by Dr. Bernard Fialkoff, President of The Foundation for a Drug Free World – The Americas Chapter, who presided over conference Room 6 during the 68th Session of the UN on empowerment of women globally. President Ali Gedikoglu of COJEP Internatinoal , Drug Free World Americas Chapter Ambassador Hugues Sanon and Dr. Fialkoff collaborated with the distinguished international speakers on solutions for the drug crisis, the deleterious effects on women and their offspring – our future leaders.

According to the UN World Drug Report of 2023, drug trafficking is compounding criminal threats that harm vulnerable communities by degrading their rights to security and livelihood, as well as the right to live in a clean, healthy and sustainable environment. Indigenous Peoples and other local communities are caught in the criminal nexus, suffering displacement, mercury poisoning and other severe health impacts, as well as increased exposure to violence and victimization.. Drug challenges are posing greater threats in the context of conflict and displacement, coupled with economic slowdown, inflation and other intersecting crises. A record number of more than 100 million people were forcibly displaced.

NIDA. 2022, May 4; ” Sex and Gender Differences in Substance Use ” states women often use drugs differently, respond to drugs differently, and can have unique obstacles to effective treatment as simple as not being able to find child care or being prescribed treatment that has not been adequately tested on women.

NIDA. 2021, April 13; ” Other Sex and Gender Issues for Women Related to Substance Use ” stated women are more likely to suffer from certain mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and eating disorders. Women are more vulnerable to developing substance use or other mental health disorders following divorce, loss of child custody, or the death of a partner or child.

The UN World Drug Report 2023 noted that global drug abuse affected a staggering 296 million people worldwide; The US News and World Report 6/2023 noted that 109,000 Americans died in 2022 of illicit drugs, compared to 58,000 in the entire 10 year Vietnam War per US National Archives.

President Gedikoglu urged the leaders to unite for justice, and to eliminate this drug crisis. Dr. Fialkoff proposed a sports / drug education model for communities. It was noted that UNGASS 2016 concluded that education and prevention would be key to resolve our global drug epidemic. The importance of sports as a mode of communicating scientific truth was presented.

The moderators noted that the not for profit Global Foundation for a Drug Free World education program is located in 180 countries worldwide and is translated in 22 languages. Several of the Foundation’s public service announcement videos were played on UN Live TV. The Drug Free World printed and digital drug education materials are available at drugfreeworld.org free of charge.

The disitnguised invitees included Dr. Susan Weiss, Science Director Research NIH; Internatiuonal Artist Judy Bechar; His Royal Highness Tomas Reyers Cabili the 2nd, Sultan a Dimasangkay; Datu Jorge Perez de Tagle, Chairman Emeritus TWTH Philippines; Remedios Pastor, Chariman TWTH Philippines; Luz Nereida Velez; WAPA TV Anchorwoman; Phillip Rucker, Director of Rucker Enterprises; Honorable Senator George Borrello 57th Senate district; Chautauqua County Executives P.J. Wendel and Pat McClennan; President Renee Besseling, Founder of OVOM Global Drug Education Foundation; Freedom Medal Winner Asa Graaf, Founder Say No to Drugs Europe; Trustee Noah Burroughs, Former NFL NY Jet; Dr. Vineet Sidhu DDS , Canadian Dental Director; Rafael Brito, Dominican TV Host; Jorge Rodriguez, CEO Canal America; Dr. Juan Nunez DDS, Executive of Dominican Catholic Univ, Nordestana; Dr. Juan Alcantara MD, Executive of Dominican Catholic Univ, Nordestana; Francisco Marte, Founder NYC Bodegero and Small Business Association; Luis Facundo, Architect and Community Advocate; President Jose Ortiz, Dominican Sports Union of NY; Paul Williams, Founder of ICHA; Dr. Yvette Rodriguez, President Elect of Puerto Rican Dental College – CCDPR; Dr. Marcos Garay DDS, President of Latn American Dentist Association; Dr. Martha Mutis DDS, President of the HDA ; Dr. Mercedes Mota DDS, Past-President of HDA; Dr. Robert Trager DDS, Past-President of Queens / Nassau Dental Societies; Dr. Binod Verma DDS , Past President of NYSAGD; Dr. Hanette Gomez DDS, Past-President Dominican Dental Association; Gladys Maria Lozada, Founder of Yayi Studios; Carlos Sierra, CUNY Community Affairs; President Manuel Nunez, Committee for Alcohol and Drug Prevention; Florence Onsando, Director of Kenya Turning Point; Liutenant Lorraine Perez NYPD ; NLOA Exec. Manuel Rodriguez; NLOA Exec. Al Amoros; Dominican TV Host Luis Guzman; General Edwin Najera, Retired Guatemalan Air Force General; Rev. Oswald Denis , Bronx District Leader; Ryan Beato and Luis Rosario of Chosen Crew Tumblers; Franklin Valois, Director of Mundo Libre de Drogas Republica Dominicana; Melissa Moreta, Rep. Exterior Republica Dominicana; Rev. Fernando Plaza, CEO Revista Balance; Saminder Bhalesar, CEO Canadian South Asian Chamber of Commerce; Edgar Simpson, President of POGG Canada; Dr. J. A. Smith President Haven Univ.; Dr. T. McDonald Dean Haven Univ.; Michael Cohen, Dir. Filipino American Voice; Eric Bustamante, VP Philippine Nat. Bank; Amalia Gavidea, Women’s Rights Author; Prashant Goyal, Fashion Design Expert.

The Foundation for a Drug Free World, COJEP International ,Time for Truth Foundation and the distinguished invitees reaffirmed as citizens of the world their commitment; 1. To the power of truth-based drug education initiatives to overcome the drug and violence epidemic; 2. That early intervention with proper drug education and the teamwork / discipline of sports are keys to empowerment of youth, families, and communities; And 3. To work as united groups of sports, dental / medical / health professionals; and as community / religious / media leaders to educate per UNGASS 2016; and thereby empower the UN Sustainable Goals in the creation of well, safe communities.

The support and guidance of the Turkish Mission to the UN and the United Nations was acknowledged for empowering this important global drug conference; and for empowering women worldwide in their role as the creators of future generations.


Dr. Bernard Fialkoff – President
Foundation for a Drug Free World – The Americas Chapter


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