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Ultipa Secures New Real-time Graph Database Deals with Central Banks and Regulators

Graph visualization - lots of data with hotspots

Graph visualization – lots of data with hotspots

Ultipa Secures New Real-time Graph Database Deals with Central Banks and Regulators, serving needs for real-time crypt fraud detection.

PLEASANTON, CA, USA, March 25, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Ultipa, Inc., a leading innovator in graph database technology, and the category-definer of Graph XAI, proudly announces a series of successful closures of commercial real-time graph DBMS deals with a major central bank and several financial-industry regulators. The deals were to provide Ultipa’s real-time graph databases for cryptocurrency fraud detection and money-flow tracing.

Ricky Sun, CEO of Ultipa, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Central Banks, regional Monetary Authorities, and Fin Regulators are collecting lots of data, and it makes best sense to analyze and gain insights from these data in a connected fashion. People call this “network analytics” — but graph database is the most ideal technology to conduct network analytics. And, Ultipa, being the ONLY real-time capable graph database is designed to handle network analytics in real-time and with ultra-deep traversal capabilities.”

Ricky added that, “On top of the deep traversal and real-time query and graph-algorithm-running capabilities, Ultipa’s integrated Graph DBMS, the Ultipa Manager, provides high-visualization capabilities, and is high extensible. The regulators and central bank customers have been looking for such capabilities in traditional BI software with no avail. Now they can get both the much-needed graph computing power and the data and results visualization with ease…”.

Given the sensitivity nature of the business conducted by the regulators and central bank, the Director of Cryptocurrency Investigation Center making comments on Ultipa requested to stay in anonymity, he says, “We have been looking for high-performance and scalable graph solutions over the past several years, initially we engaged several knowledge graph players and realized their systems do NOT carry the performance, or deep traversal capabilities that we must require. Luckily, we found Ultipa, we have been following their progress for a while, and we invited them over for PoC, and we were, honestly speaking, so pleased to see that Ultipa is a two-for-one deal, meaning, we get both high computing power to process billion-scale data set, and high visualization capabilities. The high-dimensional results from graph query are often times required to be visualized, for instance, hundreds of fraudsters are connected over a large web of crypto transactions, to help our investigators to understand their complex relationships, intuitively!”.

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About Ultipa, Inc.:
Ultipa, Inc. is a leading provider of advanced native graph database solutions, empowering enterprises to unlock the full potential of their data. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Ultipa delivers scalable and high-performance graph database technology along with professional services tailored to meet the evolving demands of businesses worldwide.

“Ultipa boldly positions itself as a pioneering XAI company, wielding a magical power akin to defying the second law of thermodynamics (entropy) within the realm of artificial intelligence.” — Ultipa’s Co-founder/COO Monica L.

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