Tyler Okun Releases New Heartfelt Single, “The Fall” And Brings The World Into His Pain

“The Fall” Cover Art

Tyler Okun

Tyler Okun has a new single release.

A song that all can relate with

Wow, Heavy in only the way that I can feel it. I, unfortunately, have been to that place, being someone who struggles with depression. Tyler’s voice sounds so professional and trained. Beautiful.”

— Marjorie SanFilippo

BUFFALO, NEW YORK, USA, October 21, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Tyler Okun is a talented twenty-year-old singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who is following up on a successful debut EP with the release of a single called “The Fall”. Tyler showcases utmost lyrical heartache in this track by bringing us in and reliving trauma from his own life. He shares this through a heartbreaking ballad that will make everyone who hears this song feel his outcry. “The Fall” is available now on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other streaming platforms.

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Tyler knows this song will strike a chord with us all and says, “I wrote this at an extremely low point in my life. Everyone has gone through a traumatic time that is locked up in their memory. Whether it be depression from a death, the effects of the coronavirus outbreak, divorce, breakups, abuse, and so much more. The bottom line is that we all have a moment in time where we are at our lowest.” Tyler continues, “My hope is that for those who hear my song, they relate in some way with something they personally went through and as tough as it was going through whatever it was, they will feel like me, better and stronger now.”

Tyler has been singing and performing since he was five years old. Tyler also plays the guitar, piano, and bass. “The Fall” displays his wide array of musical skills and composition.

Tyler’s father Mike shares his experience with the song, “I remember Tyler showing me this song for the first time. It was his very first time performing it for anyone. Just Tyler, a piano, and me. As he sang and played, my heart raced as I immediately knew of Tyler’s painful time, years prior, from where the song initiated. It was an awfully bad time in our lives. As I heard it, I just cried. I could not stop. It was that emotional. When it was done, we just cried together as we hugged. Then we felt better…stronger because of where we are now from that time. That is our hope for so many with this song. I am so proud of my son.”

“The Fall” has powerful lyrics in it. “The world doesn’t feel like home anymore” are some of them. Tyler explains, “You are in such a dark place that no matter where you are, when you look around, nothing seems right.” Heidi Brown who heard the song remarked, “With Tyler’s smooth mellow voice, I bet this will be a hit. I loved it.” So many are reacting to Tyler’s heartfelt song. Julia DiNoto was touched so much and wanted to share her thoughts. She wrote, “As a whole, ‘The Fall’ will bring people raw emotion. The opening line begins the pull-on people’s hearts, ‘A smile has never seemed to be so fake’, that line draws you in because there are times when all you can do is fake a smile to go on. As the song continues your heart will start to feel the ache from reliving its past pain. Each time I listened I was captivated by the lyrics, music, and brought back to my own fall. The song is powerful, beautiful, chilling, and most importantly real.”

Tyler writes about his life in all his music. He wants to impact people in a positive way and “The Fall” takes us to that dark, low place and lets us recognize that after this we are stronger now for going through that time in our life. Tyler adds, “If you are in this dark place now, there is a way to stop this downward fall. The future can be bright, no matter what you are going through. Listen to my song. I have been there and got through it like so many others. Just keep the right people by your side and stay positive. You will get through this.”

Tyler Okun is a young talented musical artist who will impact our lives through his music.
For more information, visit www.tylerokun.com

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