TOP-rated Trader On TradingView Launches Scanner Software For FX/crypto/stocks Traders Based On Metatrader

NEW YORK, US, August 16, 2020 / — The trader under the alias ProjectSyndicate set out to release their own scanner software after being ranked as one of the top-rated traders on the platform. The scanner features a fully automated, advanced software to scan for profitable setups in Forex/Crypto/US stock market.

“With my experience of having traded in forex, options, US stocks, and crypto markets, I thought that; with my team of coders, why not put all these skills we have gained to create a program that helps other traders? The scanner is built with the help of over 15 years of trading experience by our in-house pro-coders team. The software is a great system to get trade setups with indicators to confirm all signals generated by the scanner. Our aim is to put out updates every 30 days to further improve performance. Also, for current owners of the system, all future updates are free of charge.”

Built by ProjectSyndicate to help other traders with their investments and trading. The latest version released is version 2.0, which introduces TD9 scanner, new filters, and an improved hit rate. The scanner scans up to 100 pairs at one time. It’s got built-in trend, flat, range market detection algo, and is the most advanced MT4-based FX/crypto/stocks scanner on the market.

In February 2020, during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic ProjectSyndicate recommended buying coronavirus vaccine stocks i.e. NVAX, MRNA, VXRT, and REGN. These stocks gained between 300% to 1000% since ProjectSyndicate’s review in February.

The scanner identifies a high probability trade setup from the watch list, it then sends an alert in the form of pop-ups in MT4/MT5, all the while sending a push alert to your mobile. It currently supports both IOS and Android phones that allow push notifications. The scanner lets you scan any market at top speed i.e. FX, crypto, metals, oil, and ultimately, over three thousand stocks and indices. The scanner software uses black box system based on 5 separate standalone prop algos in order to generate trade setups with SL/TP it’s got a strong past track record, and offers high accuracy and hit rates (80%+ during the last 6 months). All setups are ranked by probability from 0% to 100% and also prop Syndicate Score. The best setups will display an 80%+ probability and a Syndicate Score of 6+. The scanner picks it’s setups on H1, H4, and D1 timeframes. The trader can check for signals once every hour, 4 hours, or once a day. The strongest signals are generated from H4 and D1 TFs. H4 TF setups got historic accuracy and hit rate close to 85%.

FX Scanner: The FX scanner is specifically designed for the Forex market, which means it features a unique built-in SL/TP algo. Since the FX market is a lot more dynamic, the scanner has certain tweaks that allow to generate better setups with high hit rates. It is able to scan FX minors/majors, oil, metals, and some indices. The scanner picks setups on H1/H4/D1 TFs.

The scanner for Crypto scans BTCUSD, XRPUSD, ETHUSD, DASHUSD, and other altcoins, BTC crosses and alerts valid setups via push notifications and pop-up alerts. Stocks: This scanner is a customized solution for US/global stocks and ETFs. It is based on the MT5 platform and can scan 3,000+ stocks and ETFs, US, EU, HK, and UAE stock markets.

Seasonality: The database of Advanced seasonality 30, 60, or 90 days hold periods for 1 500 US stocks and 300+ ETFs. It includes detailed past stats. With the seasonality pack, you are able to make your own lists of best stocks to plug into the scanner to further enhance the odds of taking winning trades. This pack can be acquired for US/EU or global stock markets.

Project Syndicate scanner is a bespoke system for aspiring traders. The scanner is a next-generation market scanner for Forex/Crypto/Stocks and is based on prop algos. The program generates trade setups with SL/TP with an 80% hit rate.

Trader ProjectSyndicate achieved a TOP rank on TradingView which only features 20 traders on the TOP list out of 100 000+ other traders. The owner of the system runs a private group of traders on the messaging service Telegram and has recently hit an upwards of 50 traders in the group, actively trading FX/crypto/stocks. You can discover more by clicking this link.

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