Tips For Overcoming Dental Anxiety From Dr. Michael Krochak

Dr. Michael Krochak on Overcoming Dental Anxiety

NEW YORK CITY , NEW YORK , UNITED STATES , October 29, 2020 / — Do you Suffer From Anxiety? Here Are Some Tips to Help You Overcome That Anxiety From Dr. Michael Krochak

Dental anxiety can range from being scared or nervous when going to the dentist, to not being able to go visit a dentist at all due to your fears and phobias. If you suffer from this type of anxiety, you may feel that you are alone, but you actually are not the only one. Studies have shown that up to 20 percent of the adult population suffers from some form of dental anxiety, ranging from mild to severe. If you suffer from this anxiety, there are some tips that can help you get the dental care you need. Here are a few tips on overcoming anxiety from Dr. Michael Krochak.

Dr. Michael Krochak Recommends Breathing Techniques

One of the ways that Dr. Michael Krochak recommends overcoming dental anxiety and fears is through breathing techniques. There are many breathing techniques out there that can be used to help you overcome your anxiety, including dental anxiety. Check out YouTube or Pinterest to learn about some of these various techniques. Some of these techniques may have you close your eyes and drift off to a safe or happy place, while other breathing techniques may have you count your breaths. Either way, breathing techniques can help you relax and help you through your most anxious moments.

Dr. Michael Krochak Recommends Discussing Your Anxiety and Phobias With Your Dentist

Another technique that Dr. Michael Krochak recommends for dealing with your dental anxiety and phobias is to simply talk to your dentist about your fears and why you have those fears. One of the common reasons for anxiety is not knowing what to expect or what will happen. A signaling system such as raising your hand to stop the dentist can be used to give you a sense of control. This signal can be for any reason, such as your jaw needs a break and not just if you feel something. A dentist can sit down with you before a procedure and let you know what will be happening and why certain things are being done. This can help you to overcome the fear of the unknown and this type of dental anxiety. Overcoming your fears is a desensitization process that builds confidence over time.

Dr. Michael Krochak Recommends Anxiety Medications and Sedatives

Finally, if you are suffering from dental anxiety that you cannot overcome on your own, Dr. Michael Krochak recommends that you talk to your dentist about sedatives or anxiety medications. This can range from laughing gas to being put to sleep, depending on what your needs are. There is no shame in getting medications to help ensure you are comfortable during your dental appointments.
Ultimately, there are many tips that can help you to overcome anxiety, and if you are not able to do so on your own, a dentist, such as Dr. Michael Krochak, can offer up anxiety medications and sedatives to help you get the dental care you need. If you are suffering from anxiety, look for a dentist who offers dental sedation options to help ensure that you get the dental care you need.

No One Should Avoid Dental Care Due to Dental Anxiety. Let Dr. Michael Krochak Help You Overcome Your Anxiety and Get the Dental Care You Need!

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