The WebXR Awards Celebrates Outstanding Achievements in the Immersive Web

The Polys WebXR Awards

Watch Parties Being Held in Your Favorite Metaverse!

NEW YORK, NY, USA, February 16, 2021 / — Introducing the The Polys – 2020 WebXR Awards honoring the pioneers of WebXR and showcasing the importance of this growing medium to provide ubiquitous access to immersive content through the web. The power of being able to distribute XR content via URLs makes it possible for creators to publish and reach their audiences without being regulated by app stores and big tech companies. The Polys – WebXR Awards aim to celebrate creators and shine a light on this up and coming medium for immersive content and also highlight the opportunities of all around access and inclusion that it offers.

This event will host many VIPs in the immersive technology industry that have laid the groundwork for the webXR standards, including chairs of the W3C immersive web group. Kent Bye, of “Voices of VR” and the XR Ethics Manifesto, and “Mr. Doob”/Ricardo Cabello, the creator of Three.JS will be receiving special honors.

The event, created by Ben Erwin, will be held live on Saturday, February 20th, starting at 11am PST with Sophia Moshasha, of the “Everything VR & AR” podcast, hosting the “Virtual Red Carpet” followed by the ceremony at 12pm PST hosted by Julie Smithson, of MetaVRse. The show will be streamed live into the “Meta-Multiverse”, where partners of the event will host watch parties in AltSpace, Engage VR, Tivoli Cloud VR, Mozilla Hubs, and VR Chat. Along with the presenters and interviews, the event will also be taking a live camera feed from a VIP Zoom “green room” as well as each of these watch party worlds to stream back into the live show. This novel configuration will be remembered as a milestone in the history of entertainment, as it debuts the awards show for the communications medium of the 21st Century.
The event is free to attend, however donations to the cause are appreciated. RSVP on Eventbrite here: The Polys – 2020 WebXR Awards Tickets, Sat, Feb 20, 2021 at 2:00 PM | Eventbrite.

Contact Sophia Moshasha for more information on the event and sponsorship opportunities.

Sophia Moshasha

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