The New School Master’s Student and Bronxite, Elizabeth Milagros Alvarez will house thesis project at The Think Tank

Bronxite, Elizabeth Milagros Alvarez

Elizabeth Milagros Alvarez will house thesis project on the legacy of the Bronx and its impact on the vibrancy of its neighborhoods with The Thinkubator

BRONX, NY, UNITED STATES, February 11, 2021 / — BRONX, NY: The Think Tank at The Thinkubator is excited to share the launch of a research initiative that will examine how the legacy of the Bronx has impacted the vibrancy of neighborhoods throughout the borough. The research will be executed by Elizabeth Milagros Alvarez, an urban scholar and Bronxite at The New School’s Milano School of Policy, Management, and Environment. Dr. Lessie Branch, Director of The Think Tank will work with the entire Thinkubator family (youth, staff, partners, and Board) to support the research project.

The thesis project will run through May 15, and its goal is to assess the present day systems that are driving the recovery of the Bronx, as well as to quantify how this recovery is affecting communities differently. More specifically, the primary aim of the research is to describe how uniform is the vibrancy of the borough. Given the size of the Bronx and its relation to the economic centers of Manhattan, conditions are likely to be different depending on geography. Secondly, it aims to display how investment shapes gentrification and displacement in the borough. Lastly, the research aims to answer, whether the form and shape of its neighborhoods contribute to the dynamics of mobility for residents?

By integrating these objectives and key questions, it will be possible to lay the groundwork for a more nuanced understanding of the legacy of fire and the impact it has had on Bronx communities, while positioning the challenges it’s up against. This body of work further advances The Thinkubator’s mission to harness Bronx-based talent for Bronx-based initiatives, and the staff welcome Elizabeth’s policy analysis along with her lived experience as a Bronxite.

The project will culminate in a report laying out research findings, as well as a presentation of findings to The Thinkubator staff, partners, and constituents. “We are happy to welcome Elizabeth to The Think Tank and are thrilled that she chose to house her research out of our center. I have been meeting with Elizabeth for a few weeks now. I look forward to the impact her research will have on narratives about Bronxites and their lived experiences.” Says Dr. Lessie Branch, Director of The Think Tank and Professor of Business Management at MCNY. Dr. Edward Summers, President and CEO of The Thinkubator’s own research agenda focuses on economic and community development, gentrification and neighborhood change subjects closely tied to Ms. Alvarez’s project.

Elizabeth Milagros’ research interests intersect where the everyday lives of city dwellers meet the impacts of policy design and implementation in the built environment. Prior to studying Urban Policy at The New School, she worked in the communications and technology fields in New York City. She completed her bachelor’s at St. John’s University, concentrating in long-form investigative journalism. Outside of scholarly work, Elizabeth Milagros enjoys finding neighborhood restaurants and classic salsa. You can follow Elizabeth’s research progress over at Medium. “Elizabeth is a welcomed addition to The Thinkubator family. I am very excited that another Bronxite has selected The Thinkubator to house her research. Says Dr. Edward Summers, President and CEO of The Thinkubator. “The Thinkubator’s central goal is to harness the talent, wisdom, and intellectual rawness of Bronxites. Elizabeth is a prime example of the talent we have right here in the Bronx. Her research is critical as it is conducted about the Bronx from someone from the borough versus outsiders who are often curious about the contested place we call home or the Bronx.”

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The Thinkubator exists to train, educate, and connect Bronx youth to work-based learning experiences, employment, and educational opportunities. Youth are connected to businesses, nonprofits, elected officials, and government to partake in our US democracy and impact change. We seek to prepare diverse, low-income youth from the Bronx to succeed in the workplace and the world. The Thinkubator aspires to a world where young people from the Bronx are trained, educated, and powered to bring their voice to business, organizational, societal, and world challenges.

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The Think Tank at The Thinkubator, launched by Dr. Lessie Branch, Associate Professor of Business at Metropolitan College of New York (MCNY), serves as a hub for rigorous academic, scholarly, and professional research that supports the documentation and evaluation of The Thinkubator activities, seeks to understand The Bronx as a contested, complex urban form, and addresses narratives of marginalized – Black, Brown, Female, and low-income communities. The Think Tank conducts research and analysis, provides youth with a platform to conduct and produce research, and produces policy briefs and reports for public discourse.

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