Scuti.AI, The World’s First ‘gCommerce’ Platform, Announces its Public Seed Round

The pioneer in in-game commerce (gCommerce) has launched its first public capital raise through its Wunderfund Campaign

NEW YORK, NY, USA, August 24, 2020 / — LLC, a.k.a. Scuti, is announcing the sale of up to 5,000 shares in a limited offering through Wunderfund’s crowdfunding platform. The company, now valued at $20M, will offer equity in exchange for investments of at least $100.

Scuti is a g-commerce (game commerce, or commerce conducted through games) platform merging the $4.4T e-commerce market with the $167B video game industry (Source eMarketer). Its patent-pending virtual marketplace makes real-world purchases possible from inside any connected video game.

The Scuti platform is the first and only advertising + commerce + rewards platform of its kind, accessed from a network of top games, utilizing state-of-the-art AI to deliver the right products to the right players, and rewarding every purchase with Scuti points. Scuti points can be redeemed for future purchases or exchanged for in-game credits to improve players’ experiences.

To date, Scuti has remained privately funded. It chose the unusually low, $100 investment threshold to encourage early-stage involvement from a more diverse set of investors, especially the gamers who inspired the platform.

gCommerce: Good for Game-makers, Players, and Brands

In designing its g-commerce platform, Scuti considered every stakeholder. GAMERS opt-in and curate their own experience, so they only see the products they want to see. All transactions occur without ever leaving the game experience. Every purchase earns Scuti points, which can be used across other products, games and platforms (as platform rules allow). DEVELOPERS can non-obtrusively monetize 100% of their audience, using the same technology as their award-winning games. A lightweight SDK makes implementation fast and easy, with zero impact on CPU or frame-rate. BRANDS quite simply get the first sales channel with a 100% gaming demographic, helping them connect to hyper-targeted audiences for higher ROAS [return on ad spend]. Today brands spend billions trying to reach players…now they are afforded a direct channel through Scuti.
“This groundbreaking platform offers a peek at the future of direct-to-consumer commerce,” says Reno R. Rolle, Bōku Superfoods Co-Founder and Chairman, “and will very likely change the game forever.”

The Right Time for a Disruption

While gaming is not recession-proof, it has certainly proved recession-resistant. As COVID-19 accelerates gaming as an entertainment medium, the understanding that gamers are not ‘stale, pale and male’ has finally taken hold. In fact, the ESA states that 65% of American adults play video games — and almost half (46%) are female.

Scuti is perfectly positioned to disrupt gaming monetization and online retail, thanks to a first-mover advantage and purpose-built team. It has filed patents to protect the concept of its Scuti Network Effect across connected games and experiences. Leading brands, technology companies, esports leagues and games are joining forces with Scuti. And the team of gaming and e-commerce veterans behind the company brings formidable experience in making this disruption a reality.

“Scuti just makes sense,” says Dave Etling, Senior Vice President of InComm InCentives. “Access to a very desirable sales channel and demographic of gamers whilst featuring their products beautifully. Emphasis on security and data privacy. Contextual relevance for consumers. Brand’s safety. The Scuti Network and InComm technology platform compliment each other perfectly. When Jamy Nigri [Scuti’s COO] and I first discussed how to work together, it took maybe three minutes to agree that this is something special.”

Scuti’s gCommerce platform is expected to launch across top mobile and PC game titles this Holiday 2020.

Scuti is ‘g-commerce’ — the first global marketplace through a network of connected games, bringing brands and shoppers together through sophisticated AI models which learn, match and reward players for shopping. Scuti provides a new channel for brands to directly reach this ever growing and important group of customers. Scuti believes in always “putting the player first,” and the player’s experience is always our first priority.

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