Sadigh Gallery Launches New “Keepers of the Culture” Page on Popular Microsite

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 3, 2020 / — Sadigh Gallery Ancient Art, Inc.—New York’s leading art gallery—recently launched a brand-new microsite page called “Keepers of the Culture,” where readers can learn firsthand what makes this gallery’s collection a legitimate source of artifacts from around the world.

The company’s relatively new microsite has increased in popularity in recent weeks. However, the site’s new page, which can be found at, is expected to spark even more interest in Sadigh Gallery’s iconic offerings. The purpose of the page is emphasize the company’s dedication to providing an authentic collection for its customers.

Through the page, readers can learn about all of the reasons why Sadigh Gallery stands out in the world of antiquities. For instance, according to the new page, the gallery provides valuable documentation, such as its Lifetime Certificate of Authenticity, for its various antiquities. In addition, it regularly shares tips for spotting illegitimate or fake artifacts from vendors.

The gallery stands out for providing a broad collection of captivating pieces from the world’s most well-known historical sites. In addition, it provides first-rate customer service, as it is dedicated to not only selling but also educating its customers on its offerings and products. For instance, it offers its customers top-level industry knowledge regarding different artifacts’ historical value.

Sadigh Gallery furthermore takes pride in providing secure packaging to ensure the safe delivery of its precious artifacts. The gallery also showcases the beauty of its ancient art using a virtual tour that is museum style.

Sadigh Gallery has managed not only to survive but also thrive during the past few decades due to upholding its high quality and service standards. In fact, the gallery boasts a loyal client base, with many clients remaining with the company for 20-plus years. The company takes pride in continuing to properly sourcing genuine pieces so that all of its clients across the globe can remain “keepers of the culture” for years to come.

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