SааS BPM Supporting a New Wave of Businesses in Times of Pandemic and Keeping Startups Afloat

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, THE UNITED STATES, February 8, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — COVID 19 has been around for about a year and a half now. With thousands of victims on a daily basis worldwide, it doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon. Hundreds of thousands of businesses globally have closed down for good and that’s a tendency that seems to be here to stay for a while.

For small companies that have had to move to e-commerce as opposed to trading from a physical shop or a restaurant, the change has been mainly related to arrangement of storage and deliveries. However, the rest have had to make significant technical adjustments to keep the business running. The physical office is a thing from the past as the survivors have been able to transition their operations online with the help of tools tailored to the current circumstances.

BPM companies see a surge in customer enquiries for back office services like project management, reports and onboarding. SaaS BPM tools have proved to be the preferred option for business process tracking as all information is stored safely and securely on a cloud as opposed to an on-premise server.

The majority of employees that work from home have tech issues on a daily basis which is great news for IT support and unfortunately, cybercriminals. Very few people are aware of the security precautions needed on their work computer, and there hasn’t been enough time to really acknowledge that aspect of the remote office model.

SaaS BPM is cloud-based meaning you don’t need to worry about hosting, maintenance, security updates, performance – it’s all being handled for you!

Managers find it challenging to keep track of all tasks and deadlines that their team works on. We’ve developed SaaS BPM with business owners and entrepreneurs in mind, knowing how important it is to never let a process break and empower people to do more.

Onboarding new talent has never been so challenging. In the pandemic situation, recruitment has to be mostly remote which may lead to miscommunication, missing out on red flags and difficulty with skill-setting. Our HR Managers feature eliminates all the hassle and lets businesses focus on the core functions. Onboard new hires at ease with a fully automated introduction process to make sure they go through all the necessary resources and practices. That way you can rest assured that they will be 100% productive and submerged in your company culture from day one.

Executive managers, team leaders and consultants often need a 360-degree visibility of all the processes within the organisation so they can give real life examples of the company’s performance and achievements. In a physical office, it may be fairly easier to monitor all processes as transparency is a lot better, and distance isn’t an issue. However, when your team is not at one physical space and your clients seek traction for their projects, it may be hard to pull up results in a timely manner. We’ve created SaaS BPM with that in mind – check out our features tailored specifically to Executive Managers and Consultants.

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