Rise In Phishing Attempts From China, Over 40,000 Cases reported In last week itself.

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Cyberwarfare attacks targeted important American military, commercial, research, and industrial organizations.

A massive increase of over 600% of cyberthreat indicators related to the Coronavirus pandemic from February to early March.”


NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 9, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — As the recent COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread across the US and other countries, there are reports of another virus from China. But, this time, it is the one that attacks your computers and smartphones.

Many nations, including Japan and the US, have already adopted steps to control the effects of CoVID-19. Organizations are also beginning to hit as the virus spread is starting to cause global economic disruption. If the last thing anyone wanted, then it’s the computer virus than can paralyze the economy.

It is attractive to how Forbes mentioned on July 27th that “more customers are shopping online now than at the height of pandemic…”

The new standard apart from the mask is the preference of the web over conventional transactions. And this opens the floodgates for the cybercriminals who will look to leverage this lifestyle upgrades and work on the known information to mislead prospective victims.

Cybercriminals can lure people to click-baiting something they already know, such as an email from WHO stating COVID-19 latest updates. A novice would open and download the report that comes with the email only to know that it was a falsified email with an attachment aimed at phishing.

Ultimately, these emails contribute to phishing attempts to steal the target information and passwords. Given the increasing likelihood of global health emergencies, hackers are proactive in taking advantage of the fears surrounding a health emergency and infect people with more malware.

CYFIRMA was quick to alert the global businesses as early as January 31st with its report on threat intelligence about why companies needed to have the spam campaigns. Everyone ignored it, but now they are running after it.

Many spammers look to bait users using the coronavirus-specific details and luring them into clicking malicious web links or attachments. This is primarily achieved through social engineering in which cybercriminals capitalize on people’s fears about the deadly virus, especially in the case of a health emergency.

The world is already aware of malware and its severe consequences. The recent pandemic-driven attempts tend to drop malware into the target device and circumvents the current antivirus protections when the target user is deceived by installing the attachment.

Late in June, a piece by Damien Cave on the NY Times stated, “…even Australia confronted the surge of cyberattacks to the Chinese government.” Perhaps, the reason why they have tightened their defenses with a commitment to recruit at least 500 cyberspies that can bring in the necessary abilities to battle overseas.

Earlier on June 19th, BBC quoted the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said, “Ongoing sophisticated state-based cyber hacks are targeting Australia’s government and institutions.”
On May 10th, the NY Times article by David Sanger and Nicole Periroth points at how the FBI claimed that “China’s most skilled hackers and spies are working to steal American research in the crash effort to develop vaccines and treatments for the coronavirus.”

In such instances, this is important for businesses and individuals to stay alert of both kinds of physical and virtual viruses where the former needs you to keep the mask on and follow hygiene instructions. For the latter, you can render Computer Solutions East services.

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