RHY Global Mine Announces Rental And Leasing Services Of High Power Mining Machine To Counter Halving



RHY Global Mine

The renowned Bit-coin mining company announces that bit-coin miners can now lease or rent Whastminer M30s, AntS9

NEW YORK, USA, September 15, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — RHY Global mine, one of the largest blockchain mine in the world has announced to lease or rent high power mining machine in the face of delayed delivery of Bit Ant s19 mining machine. Models like Whatsminer M30S, AntS 9 mining machines will be made available to the miners to meet the need of massive computing power mining machines to counter the halving of the entire bitcoin network.

With this announcement, RHY aims to guarantee the flow of income of the miners during the contract period. The service will allow miners to dig out 0.00071575 bitcoins a day if ant S19 is leased for a day. While renting the machine for a year will allow a profit of 0.272 BTC which is equivalent to PMB 17000+

The spokesperson for RHY global mine said, “It is a testing season for the whole bitcoin mining industry. This is a peak season and any abandoned mining day is a huge waste of money. Therefore, to cope up with the issue of network halving and the delayed delivery of Ant S19, we have developed the strategy to help miners meet the requirements.”

She further added that The RHY had predicted increased demand for high computing power that might arise post halving. The company have therefore remained fast-footed in carrying out the supply of mining machine and replacing the mounted machine. Currently, the company’s mining machine has marked a change from 14nm to 7/8nm

Additionally, To address the concern of some speculative buyers who think buying a mining machine is more cost-effective than renting one RHY makes available the service of renting the mining machine and its property right for a period of 3 years. Therefore it will completely be owned by the miners for 720 days. This offer will allow the miners with a lucrative deal and continue with bitcoin mining during the tough times.

About the Company

Rhy is a reputed Singapore based blockchain mine in the world that prides a power capacity of 900MW which can be used by 600,000 miners at the same time. It was founded by Stars Cloud Mining Science and Tech Solution and is currently the largest mining company in the world. In 2016 the company made significant investments in the construction of large scale natural gas power stations and substations in the Middle east. RHY primarily focuses upon the upstream and downstream layout of the mine and is the most resource-intensive mine currently available.

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