Remi Landau Featured in Article Discussing Digital Future of Fashion Industry

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 1, 2020 / — Fashion expert Remi Landau was recently featured in a news article on the digital future of the fashion industry. Landau was chosen to appear in the article due to her extensive expertise with driving fashion trends in today’s dynamic fashion world.

The news article calls attention to the fact that many brick-and-mortar stores have closed due to the increasing popularity of e-commerce. In light of this, among other factors, the usual lineup of the current season’s fashion brands has not been released as it normally would be. Still, the disruptions that the fashion industry has encountered lately have given birth to an unprecedented revival of creativity among today’s brands and designers.

For instance, according to Landau in the article, fashion companies are beginning to incorporate the latest innovations and technologies to effectively respond to customers’ changing habits. As an example, many brands have shifted to online shopping and are taking extra steps to make the digital customer experience better in creative and exciting ways.

One way of doing this is to launch a digital showroom for previewing upcoming and existing collections. With these types of showrooms, fashion brands can use industry leaders and influencers to help them to promote their multimedia content. After all, both music and video—along with commentaries—can help with making their product previews more engaging and just enjoyable for potential buyers.

The above steps are critical considering that the online consumption of fashion contributed to more than $500 billion in fashion sales globally in 2019. During the next few years, this figure could easily jump to a whopping $800 billion, according to Remi Landau. All in all, Landau emphasizes in the news article that as more fashion brands go digital, they may find that the demand for their products will actually increase on a global scale. In addition, their business models will be more sustainable and resilient in the years and decades ahead.

Remi Landau
Remi Landau
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