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Primal Health LLC Appoints Dr. Arash Hakhamian as Chief Dental Officer

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Primal Health LLC

Primal Health LLC to release disruptive line of oral health products geared towards improving the oral microbiome via pre-biotics that reduce sugar metabolism.

I am honored to join Primal Health, an organization that stands at the forefront of dental innovation with one of the most unique and ingenious approaches at addressing oral pathologies”

— Dr. Arash Hakhamian DDS

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, March 28, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Primal Health LLC, a pioneer in innovative dental solutions, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Dr. Arash Hakhamian as its Chief Dental Officer. Dr. Hakhamian, renowned for his extensive expertise and forward-thinking approach in dentistry, is set to spearhead the launch of groundbreaking dental innovations, promising to redefine oral health care standards.

With an illustrious career dedicated to advancing dental practices and patient care, Dr. Hakhamian’s leadership comes at a pivotal time. Primal Health is on the verge of introducing its revolutionary suite of dental technologies, including pHossident® and PROtektinTM. These represent a significant leap forward in dental technology, focusing on enhancing the oral microbiome and altering oral microbes’ ability to metabolize sugar and stimulate them to produce clinically-relevant outcomes. These innovative approaches not only promote oral health but also focus on the root cause of many dental conditions – sugar-driven bacterial problems.

Dr. Hakhamian’s role will be instrumental in bringing these technologies [and products that employ them] to market, utilizing his deep knowledge and passion for dental innovation to ensure their success. His commitment to integrating the latest scientific advancements into practical dental applications aligns perfectly with Primal Health’s mission to revolutionize oral health. “Dr. Hakhamian’s mission to advance the dental profession with a patient-centric approach geared towards prevention and minimally invasive care aligns perfectly with our vision and we are honored to have him spearheading the dental division of our multifaceted technology that has garnered the attention of governmental, commercial, and research institutions focused on microbiological advancements in oral health care,” explains Dr. Emily Stein PhD, co-founder and CEO of Primal Health LLC.

The technologies developed by Dr. Emily Stein, a Berkeley Microbiologist and former Fellow at Stanford in Rheumatology + Immunology utilizes a natural and safe method to hack the oral microbiome through Selective Microbial Metabolism Regulation Technologies SMMRT®. While most oral care products attempt to kill bacteria, pHossident® and PROtektinTM simply puts them on a Keto diet by reducing their ability to eat sugar while simultaneously stimulating protein metabolism. Backed by over 10 years of research, these SMMRTTM assets have been shown to effectively reduce sugar metabolism in cariogenic bacteria as well as oral Candida. This profound impact on the metabolic process of bacteria and yeast has also shown significant reduction in the red complex periodontal pathogens and can be successfully incorporated into OTC products as well as professional products.

“I am honored to join Primal Health, an organization that stands at the forefront of dental innovation with one of the most unique and ingenious approaches at addressing oral pathologies,” said Dr. Hakhamian. “Our upcoming products, pHossident® and PROtektinTM, are set to transform the dental industry, offering unprecedented benefits to patients worldwide. I am excited to lead our efforts in making these innovations accessible to those in need and to help usher in a new era of dental care focused on reducing cavities, Oral Candidiasis, and periodontal disease through improvements in the oral microbiome.”

With the growing support of institutional investors, dentists, government programs and commercial partners, Primal Health is dedicated to the development of dental solutions that not only address current oral health challenges but also work with its parent company, Primal Therapies, Inc. to translate learnings to address future needs in gut, derm, women’s health, and animal health among others.

The introduction of pHossident® and PROtektinTM under Dr. Hakhamian’s guidance and an all-start advisory team of leading international dentists, hygienists and scientists is expected to set new standards in dental care, emphasizing prevention and the well-being of the oral ecosystem.

The dental community and patients alike are eagerly anticipating the release of these products to address unmet needs in oral health, but also to inspire a paradigm shift in the way dental care is approached and administered. Large-scale commercialization of pHossident® and PROtektinTM will begin in April in the form of oral mints, water additives and toothpaste tablets.

For more information about Primal Health, and their upcoming product launches, please visit www.primalhealthllc.com. Primal Health continues to welcome professional partnerships, wholesale distributors, and institutional investors.

Primal Health Contact:
Dr. Emily Stein PhD
CEO and Chief Scientist
1400 Van Buren St NE, Ste 175
Minneapolis, MN 55413
(612) 440-2014

Dr. Arash Hakhamian Contact:
Chief Dental Officer
Email: arash.hakhamian@primaltx.com

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