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At Boujees Brand Ambassadors

At Boujees Brand Ambassadors

At Boujee’s proudly work with a legit local artisans and small business in the US and across the world to bring you the most unique, premium items.

NEW YORK, NY, USA, January 16, 2021 / — We have been fooled for centuries to believe in impractical and non-existent fashion choices that are nothing but a hand play of makeup, camera, angles, and lighting. The fashion industry has made it difficult to accept any other body type other than skinny, fair, polished, scar-free as normal, let alone attractive. However, there are a few liberal-minded brands that are going out of their way to rectify the definition of fashion. At Boujees is one of them.

At Boujees is a fashion e-commerce company that’s a community of fashion-obsessed people. Unlike the mainstream fashion industry, it believes fashion to be an honest expression of one-self. It’s completely against the conception of fitting oneself in a mold that’s digitally or socially acceptable. That’s the reason why it has launched its brand ambassador program to build a community of people that has the same mindset as ours. At At Boujees, you do you by flaunting the real you!

How is At Boujees Different?

At Boujees is always at the forefront to experiment with its clothing, fashion, and styling. It runs along with the trends and brings out the collection that speaks to the modern and current generation. Additionally, it doesn’t shy away from contemporary or futuristic clothing style and pushes itself to not let the fad define their style.

At Boujees is driven by a very general and specific motive, that isn’t exercised much in the mainstream industry. It is on a mission to promote the message of body positivity, self-acceptance, and self-love.

According to them, fashion can be only truly embraced when you are comfortable in your own skin, accepting each of its flaws. It is promoting the idea in the mainstream fashion industry by its recently launched brand ambassador program. They are inviting influencers of all backgrounds, shapes, sizes, and ethnicities to join their platform and promote their clothing. The thought is simple – self-confidence is a right and shouldn’t be based on appearances.

A change starts with an initiative. But it replaces the traditional and backward approach only with public support. An idea turns into reality when we, the people, promote it and establish it into a norm. At Boujees is on a journey to redefine the set outdated and impractical fashion standards. However, it keeps meeting setbacks, challenges, questions, and doubts. To excel at the mission, it’s important to clear the clouds of doubts of the audience, no matter how thin or thick they are. Let’s take the most common one into consideration –

Is At Boujees Legitimate?

One hundred percent!

We at At Boujees understand that even though the Internet is a revolutionary privilege for all of us, it leaves us exposed to Internet scams and social media frauds. There are several companies and brands that look authentic and enticing enough to lure aspiring influencers into branding only to trick them with cheap products, zero recognition, or no money. That’s the reason why we provide complete authenticity to our brand influencers. We are a platform that’s safe, secure, and has no red flags. When we collaborate with a brand ambassador or a social media influencer, we make it our priority to deliver them a legitimate experience. We have been in the business for a few years now, and we are proud to say that be it influencers or customers, our people are satisfied and happy with us.

Further, At Boujees is an honest, original, and authentic tribe of people who are enthusiastic about fashion and its intricacies. We pick the local artisans and businesses to bring you the best and premium designs. We are particular about everything – right from our fabric, material, clothing, styling, and quality to our values, services, feedbacks, and goals. We have our eyes fixed on delivering an experience that’s enriched with legitimate fashion.

Our priority was, is, and will always be our customers and we strive to provide them with a premium shopping experience.

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Whatever it is, you can always contact us through email or our customer service, and we will get back to you as soon as humanly possible. Look for us in your notification bar or email list.

If you’re a customer looking for an aesthetically pleasing, economic, and comfortable shopping experience, visit our website. If you’re an influencer, brand ambassador, or anyone who believes in our ideology of self-love and fashion, join us in our scam-free, trusted journey and become a member of At Boujees family.



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