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Pintura Launches Multimag Frame System, Transforming Digital Memories into Dynamic Displays


Pintura gracefully adjusts to any setting, whether it’s the peaceful ambiance of a living room, the snug comfort of a bedroom, or the culinary allure of a dining room.

wireless control

Break free from distance limitations – ideal for synchronizing photos while exploring the world.

wireless charging

Adopt a clutter-free presentation with the magnetic wireless charging concept, enhancing the elegance of visual narratives.

cloud storage

Effortlessly store and showcase memories using cloud storage capability.


The 2K high-definition frame showcases favorite images without any concerns about weathering or the impact of daylight.

Display digital masterpieces effortlessly; Share family moments instantly, anywhere, with just a single button.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 25, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Pintura, a company specializing in display solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of the Pintura Multimag Frame System. This electronic frame system represents a significant advancement in photo showcasing, offering users enhanced versatility and creative potential.

The Multimag Frame System introduces advanced functionality that goes beyond traditional static image displays. With seamless page-turning capabilities, users can integrate captivating GIF effects. Additionally, starting in May, the software will undergo an upgrade, enabling the system to play videos and further enhance photo slideshows with dynamic visual experiences.

Prioritizing user experience, the Multimag Frame System incorporates meticulously designed features. This includes a high-definition 2K resolution display that guarantees crystal-clear visual quality, thereby enhancing the impact of every image. Additionally, the system features a wireless magnetic power supply, eliminating tangled cables and ensuring a streamlined charging experience. Users also have the capability to synchronize multiple screens for immersive displays, further enhancing the presentation of NFT artworks when stored.

Distinguished by its impressive long-distance transmission capabilities, the Multimag Frame System facilitates effortless sharing of precious moments over extensive geographical spans. Additionally, it incorporates cloud storage functionality, providing an efficient alternative to traditional memory card storage. This feature offers a secure and user-friendly solution for organizing and managing digital memories.

For individuals seeking convenience, the Multimag Frame System addresses common challenges by simplifying the showcasing and reliving of cherished moments. It presents a refined and efficient solution for contemporary living, minimizing tangled charging cables and cumbersome decor alterations.

“At Pintura, we are excited to introduce the Pintura Multimag Frame System, which represents the future of photo showcasing,” said the CEO of Pintura. “Our team has worked diligently to create an electronic frame system that offers enhanced versatility and creative freedom. We believe that the Multimag Frame System will change the way users engage with visual content, offering endless possibilities for creativity and storytelling.”

For more information, please visit the Pintura website at https://pinturalife.com/. Stay tuned for the upcoming crowdfunding campaign on INDIEGOGO.

About Pintura:

Pintura specializes in display solutions, committed to enhancing visual experiences and simplifying the way we showcase and share memories. With a focus on technology and user-centric design, Pintura continues to explore creativity and convenience in the digital display industry.

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