Perspective on the Experience of Grandparents who are Cut-Off from their Grandchildren

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The level of emotional suffering reported by cut-off grandparents was very significant and could be examined in terms of a national health crisis.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, March 22, 2021 / — Family Access – Fighting for Children’s Rights and the Steel Partners Foundation today announced that Dr. Carol Golly, an expert in the field of parental alienation and grandparent alienation, is presenting at the upcoming Virtual International Conference on Helping Courts Understand the Phenomenon of Alienation from May 14-16, 2021.

With 70 million grandparents in the US and a three-fold increase in life expectancy over the past 200 years, it would appear grandparents are well situated to enjoy long and satisfying relationships with grandchildren. Over 70 percent of grandparents report that being a grandparent is the single most satisfying thing in their lives. How can it be, then, that instances seem to be on the rise in which grandparent/grandchild relationships are never established, disrupted, or are cut-off? Although the phenomenon has only recently been identified, it is clear that grandparents in such circumstances may suffer profound feelings of grief and loss, as well as serious physical and mental health problems.

To help understand how being cut-off from their grandchildren relates to grandparent depression, complex grief, suicidal ideation, and self-reported physical health issues, Dr. Carol Golly recently completed doctoral research on the subject. 400 grandparents completed surveys for the study. Of interest were potential pathways of why grandparents were alienated from their grandchildren reported by the grandparents. As expected, grandparents reported being collateral damage in cases where their adult children became alienated from their own children. The level of emotional suffering reported by cut-off grandparents was very significant and could be examined in terms of a national health crisis.

Dr. Golly will summarize investigations in the field of grandparent cut-off and discuss highlights from her study, including written words of wisdom from several study grandparents. As a founding board member of Alienated Grandparents Anonymous, Inc. (AGA), she has participated in grandparent support group meetings in the US, Canada, and Great Britain. Since 2011 AGA has grown to include AGA alliances in all 50 United States and many countries throughout the world, reflecting the global crisis of grandparent cut-off and the call for effective intervention and support for affected grandparents.

Dr. Golly maintained a private practice in Florida for 20 years as a child and family therapist. She worked for several years as a clinician at Stable Paths in Miami, FL, treating court-ordered families experiencing severe parental alienation. She maintains a limited private practice and works full-time with military families and their young children in North Carolina.

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