OptionSoft Announces Next Generation of its Flagship F&I Menu

OptionSoft Technologies Launches OmniMenu Raising the Bar of Excellence for F&I Menus

CLIFTON PARK, NY, UNITED STATES, January 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — OptionSoft Announces Next Generation of its Flagship F&I Menu

OptionSoft Technologies, Inc., a premier automotive industry software provider is unveiling its next-generation F&I Menu with its advanced cloud-based platform, OmniMenu. OptionSoft’s original F&I Menu defined the national standard for F&I. They are now taking that success and again raising the bar with OmniMenu.

“OptionSoft is passionate about bringing new innovations to life as we grow and develop our core suite of software services” said Chris Murphy, President and CMO of OptionSoft. “In collaboration with over 5,000 dealerships nationwide, we continuously collect and analyze the current and emerging needs of our customers. OmniMenu is the culmination of that voice of customer collaboration; an F&I Menu platform that immediately delivers new levels of efficiency, utilization, and productivity.”

Key highlights of OptionSoft’s OmniMenu are:
• Modern, cloud-based web platform with a re-imagined user experience and open architecture.
• Interactive and self-guided manager & customer processes, with drag-and-drop selections, promotional videos, e-brochures, sales aids, and more.
• Unlimited scalability and capacity to grow with our customers’ business in real-time.
• E-signature, touchless, and paperless transactions.
• Reactive interface design supports use on all browsers and devices- tablets, phones, PC, laptops, and more.
• Direct integrations with most e-rating and e-contracting providers.
• Customized product presentation- easily add and re-arrange product lineups.

“OptionSoft’s OmniMenu is another example of our fundamental responsibility to actively seek growth and value for our customers, allowing them to pursue current and long-range business development strategies of success in their geographies and for the industry at large.”

For more information contact:
Shawn Joslin

Email: Sjoslin@otiservices.com

Shawn Joslin
OptionSoft Technologies
+1 8666846368

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