New Robo-Income Program for Retirement Income Planning

Enables individuals to design plan to match their personal objectives, balancing lifetime income, liquidity and legacy

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, August 18, 2020 / — announces the first robo-income tool that enables retirees and near-retirees to design their own plan for retirement income and that goes beyond the traditional and over-used asset allocation/withdrawal planning method.’s proprietary Income Allocation planning method dynamically integrates annuity payments into a plan for retirement income incorporating dividends, interest and IRA withdrawals.

The Income Allocation planning method, technology and algorithm were developed by Jerry Golden, an inventor of retirement solutions that deliver more retirement income with less market risk. “Many advisors and firms have simply carried over a de-accumulation strategy into their client’s retirement, and often ignore the beneficial role annuity payments can play,” Golden reported.

The robo-income program enables investors to identify the planning objectives that will best match their financial goals of lifetime income, liquidity and legacy. Visitors don’t have to become expert in annuity payments and will rely instead on the robo-income analytics. As a bonus, offers investors a $400 savings in plan management fees for those who design and order a personalized plan on their own.

Not only is there a savings in fees, the robo-income program produces large increases in lifetime income over traditional planning. Based on a study by, the average Income Boost is more than $440,000 (from retirement to age 95) for people with $1 million in Rollover IRA savings. To get started, investors can visit to find out how much of a retirement income boost Go2Income can deliver, and to qualify for the savings in fees after designing their own plan.

In addition to the robo-income planning, individuals can benefit from the following services:

(1) Experienced Advisor-Counselors to review the online plan that an investor designs and to refine and implement an agreed-upon plan;
(2) Guidance on a robo-advisor investment platform with low fees and direct indexing portfolios matched to’s planning; and
(3) A lifetime of plan management that keeps the plan on course even with the ups and downs of the market.

“Creating a Plan for Retirement Income doesn’t have to be a complicated kind of ‘rocket science’ that only the experts understand,” Golden said. “I believe that by providing investors with the right set of planning questions, along with robo-analytics that deliver a plan to meet the investor objectives, and an Advisor-Counselor to refine that plan, we can deliver the best retirement income result for the investor.”

Reporters: Learn more by contacting Jerry Golden at or at 917-975-5116.

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