New Harlem Coffee company Valentine’s day heart warming coffee blends are now available for immediate deliveries

valentines day romantic roasts

limited edition blend created only for the 2021 inauguration  filled with the aroma of the company’s signature dark roast

Inaugural Blend presentation

Original Family Reserve roast

Americans to celebrate LOVE with the worlds best coffee

These wonderful and unique coffee blends make an outstanding gift idea for Valentine’s day, birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. available online at
Shipped immediately”

— M Donaldson

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 8, 2021 / — New Harlem Coffee Company released new Valentine’s gift packaging for their romantic blends of specialty coffee to celebrate love. “Valentiners” can choose from the Family Reserve collection of gourmet coffee and the company will ship their loved one a premium roast in Valentine’s package with shipping and handling to arrive on or before the Holiday.

Among the choices is the Inaugural Blend created for the inauguration of the first Lady Vice president in our national history, Kamala Harris. The roaster created this unique, tasteful blend to cheer the new milestone and the joy of a new Dawn of Hope for all Americans.

Coffee roasting is an art form, and this Harlem Company has a long tradition from its humble beginnings in Costa Rica before the family migrated to Harlem in America.

Since 1952 the Family matriarch has crafted a tradition of excellence in all facets of the culinary arts. Coffee is no exception, the family tradition of selecting and roasting green coffee in Costa Rica has grown and found a home in Harlem NY. The family travel to America in the 1960S and so did the craft of carefully selecting coffee beans and roasting them in small batches. The picture of “Mami” the family matriarch is proudly featured on every bag with family history.

This Valentine packaging will be a very limited edition for the Valentine celebration.

New Harlem Coffee is roasted in very small batches. The company will ship Valentine orders uniquely packed to love ones and coffee lovers in America

New Harlem Coffee is a small Harlem based coffee company sourcing the finest coffee beans in the world to craft the New Harlem Family Reserve brand of coffee available only online at: or by calling 16462615334

These classic coffee blends make an outstanding gift idea for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.

The New Harlem Family Reserve artistic blend coffee is only available online at

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