New Book “The Lying Liar Called Racism” Tackles Unequal Treatment With Hope and Humanity

A picture book for children ages 4-8 dedicated to forming a just and inclusive society will be released October 6, 2020

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 4, 2020 / — “The Lying Liar Called Racism: A Love Letter” empowers parents by gently introducing the concept of racism to children in a way that helps the youngest among us to immediately understand that racism is a form of gaslighting designed to make them question their inherent value.

With bold art and thoughtful yet playful text, this unique book mixes creative fun with powerful messages to help instill an understanding of what racism is, and impart the message that the victim of racism is blameless.

To educate, inspire, and begin the critical conversations at the earliest ages in order to reduce the lifelong harm racism can cause a child, “The Lying Liar Called Racism” reminds children never to internalize racist messages.

Author Giselle Fuerte comments, “Most children’s books about slavery, segregation, or racism will mention that the unfair and unequal treatment of Black people was due to the color of their skin. This has always struck me as a victim-blaming message to impart to impressionable children, repeatedly impressing upon them that their skin is the problem rather than the people and systems that wrongly devalue brown skin. I wanted to make sure I got the message right with this book, and that children know that racism is an outright lie and is never their fault.”

For those who long to see a just and tolerant society, “The Lying Liar Called Racism” tackles describing racism, and highlights that skin color alone is not the problem—the villain’s beliefs are.

“With my children, I’ve focused exclusively on developing their self-esteem and identities by exposing them to pre-colonial African history, and famous Black and Latinx figures throughout history. When it came time to talk about racism, I wanted a way to gently and properly introduce the topic without undoing the years-long work I’d done to help establish their strong self-concepts. When I couldn’t find what I needed in children’s literature, I decided to write it,” states Fuerte.

This enduring, colorful, and charmingly illustrated book celebrates diversity and inclusion and fosters a positive sense of self. Pre-order through Real Life Bricks ( or purchase through Amazon beginning October 6, 2020.

“I wanted to really own and drive the message in the book without outside interference, and self-publishing felt like the best way to do that. It’s been really surprising to me how much a message like this is needed as we’ve already received quite a few pre-orders,” says Fuerte.
The book is targeted at preschool and elementary-aged children but is the perfect gift for readers of all ages and races dedicated to forming an anti-racist, just, and inclusive society.

Giselle Fuerte is an AfroLatinx immigrant from Panama who lives in the United States with her husband and young children. She holds a graduate degree in education from the University of Southern California and, along with her husband and eldest child, operates Real Life Bricks, a customizer of LEGO® minifigures made to reflect the diversity of the real world.

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