New Book: “Stuck” – A Self-Help Story That Moves You Toward Success

“Stuck” by Dr. Alphonso A. Buie is a revolutionary, self-help story inspired by real-life events

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 15, 2020 / — Self-defeating behavior is the single most common obstacle to life’s great promise. It is a poison, preventing us from achieving the love, success, and happiness we want in our lives. And what’s really frustrating is feeling we have to change and not knowing how – or knowing how to become unstuck.

Stuck” by Dr. Alphonso A. Buie, is a revolutionary self-help story inspired by real-life events. Told through a fictional story, it explains how losing everything can sometimes become our greatest reward. More importantly, it offers a proven course of action to transform stagnant, self-defeating behavior to life-enhancing. Overcome pain, fear, and confusion and approach life’s most obstinate challenges with dignity, wisdom, courage, and even humor.

Predictable or not, psychological impasse brings with it the sense of being stuck. At the office, you may feel unchallenged. In your personal life, you may become agitated, deflated, or downright bored. You know that something must change – and you’re desperate to contribute at work, find a reinvigorated role in your family, and dive back into the current of your own life.

Though uncomfortable, becoming stuck may be necessary. It’s the only place from which you can define a new vision for your life.

Designed to give individuals concept models in a creative format that will help them further their own lives. Dr. Alphonso A. Buie offers strategies for finding your way from impasse to renewed meaning – at work, at home, with colleagues, and with family. Through a fictional story, his concepts rabble and rouse you.

His theories are:
1. Catchy, dramatic, and packed full of wisdom, which makes this book a powerful page-turner.
2. It is written in a format that makes it an easy read and uses it as a springboard to real change.
3. Presents self-development concepts in a practical format, the kind that activates your new life vision.

“Stuck” provides practical steps, through a fictional story, that you can work into your everyday life, so you can stop being your own worst enemy – and become your own best friend.

Book Description:
Marc used to be a thriving force, admired in the corporate offices of New York City and within the Real Estate Market of Philadelphia, PA. Trouble arrives, instigating a chain of events that force him to lose everything of value. Desirous to overcoming, he assumes control and works to solve his problems. Through the guidance of a great mentor and others who inspire, he learns how to problem solve dramatically difficulty issues effectively. This fictional short story, inspired by real-life events, teaches different concepts that anyone can utilize to manage any professional and personal setting effectively.

Author Biography
Dr. Alphonso A. Buie – A Chicago, IL native, currently lives between the United States and China. As a Business Professor, he serves as a mentor to individuals looking to enhance their lives and a consultant to organizations on various subject matters. After achieving his Doctorate in Business, he sought to be of service to others by volunteering with Rotary International and Los Angeles Black College Fair. Such actions had led to him receiving recognition from his Alma Mater, Lincoln University of Missouri, as an awardee of the Prestigious Young Alumni Award for his services to make the world “greater, better, and more beautiful” than when it was given to him.

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Product details
· Print Length : 62 pages
· Publisher : Alphonso Arnez Buie (December 4, 2019)
· Language: : English
· Best-sellers rank #2,258,440 in Kindle Store (See Top 100 in Kindle Store)
#803 in African American Dramas & Plays
#1,944 in United States Drama & Plays
#6,073 in 90-Minute Self-Help Short Reads

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