Nanobionic Sanitizing System Coating Found to Reduce Viruses on Vehicle Interior Surfaces



Nanobionic has developed a mineral-based Sanitize System coating, found to reduce viruses on vehicle interior surfaces.

Nanobionic has developed a mineral-based Sanitize System coating, found to reduce viruses on vehicle interiors. Nanobionic Sanitize System coating can be treated on the back side of any leather, plastic, fabric and artificial leather.

Studies conducted in Germany, by Dr.Brill and Dr. Steinmann, at the Institute of Hygiene and Microbiology, evaluated the virus-inactivating efficacy on leather with the Nanobionic coating, against the modified vaccinia Ankara (MVA) virus, which is the official surrogate test virus for all envelope viruses. The study found that the Nanobionic Sanitize System coating, in collaboration with heated seats or steering wheel, that is turned on for 30minutes at 104 F/40C, showed that the treatment significantly reduced and inactivated the virus on the surface by 65.3%.

In addition, the heat retaining properties of the Nanobionic coating applied to; leather, fabric, vinyl and artificial leather, have shown to increase heating up the car’s seats and steering wheel faster, thus becoming more energy efficient, of which is crucial for saving energy during cold weather seasons in electric vehicles. In a quantitative test , Nanobionic coating showed 81% improvement in heat-retaining properties in regular fabric, and 150% for the front side and 178% for the back side of leather.

Interior surfaces of vehicles are breading grounds for viruses and bacteria, that remain active on surfaces for days. The innovation of the Nanobionic Sanitize System Coating technology and the scientific findings, are a game changer for the automotive industry, making Nanobionic Sanitize System Coating lead the way in meeting the needs of the 21st century new normal, not only making an impact from a health standpoint, but also in sustainability.

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