Mobie Goes Live With Update

Mobie has launched their new website for their universal payments ecosystem. Powered by MobieCoin, MobiePay apps allow users to transfer funds and handle purchases.

Mobie has launched their new website for a universal payments ecosystem. Powered by MobieCoin, MobiePay apps allow users to transfer funds and handle purchases.

NEW YORK, USA, August 12, 2020 / — The official site for MobiePay,, has been improved and launched. The site highlights a trio of services that allow users to transfer funds, shop, and integrate digital currency into point of sale systems.

All powered by MobieCoin, these apps provide efficient banking and point of sale services without the need for traditional banking infrastructure, along with a host of other tools for both users and retailers alike. Mobie, the wallet service, offers global peer-to-peer payments in fiat and digital currency. The payments are processed in seconds, and the app offers a litany of other features: Integration with point of sale systems, instant cash back and rewards, and insured checking and savings accounts with debit card service.

The service also plans to implement features that integrate with video games. Digital currency tokens allow users to quickly and easily spend small or large amounts of equivalent fiat currency on in-game items without incurring any fees. There are also plans to provide rewards to users for playing games, a strategy that has proven to be lucrative for platforms like Litemint.

MobiePay works as an electronic point of sale system that converts digital currency into the merchant’s local fiat currency. Compared to intermediaries, MobiePay reduces processing fees by more than 70%, and it offers greater flexibility than traditional point of sale systems. Merchants can use MobiePay to make payments in multiple currencies to multiple users in a matter of seconds. Merchants can also earn affiliate revenue from payments by referring new users to Mobie. The waiting list can be found here.

These services typically require a long list of fees and waiting times, but decentralized finance is quickly eliminating hefty fees and speeding up transactions. MobiePay provides a suite of services that cover the financial needs of both consumers and businesses without sacrificing cost or efficiency.

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About MobiePay: MobiePay is a financial service provider that handles payments, investments, and point of sale systems using digital currency and fiat. Services include instant international payments in digital currency and fiat currency without fees, banking and debit card services, exchange, and electronic point of sale systems that process digital currency and multiple fiat currencies. The company is headquartered in Newport Beach, California.

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