MH Mediation Offers Free Monthly “Divorce 101” Webinars As Divorce Inquiries Soar During Pandemic

Kathryn Lazar, Founder MHMediation

Kathryn Lazar, Founder MHMediation

Next Webinar Scheduled for February 18th at 4:00 pm

We’re hearing from couples for whom the period of the pandemic has been a time for reflection … For some, that has meant a decision – often amicable – to pursue divorce.” ”

— Kathryn Lazar, Founder MHMediation

HOPEWELL JUNCTION, NEW YORK, USA, February 3, 2021 / — Love in the time of the pandemic is facing a stress test. Dutchess County-based MHMediation has seen divorce inquiries increase dramatically since the start of pandemic restrictions in 2020. Complicating matters for couples considering divorce, divorce courts have operated at reduced hours or eliminated in-person hearings at various points due to NY State restrictions. What’s more, financial pressures have made the cost of divorce proceedings and potential litigation prohibitive for some couples, even as those same financial pressures place stress on relationships. Enter MHMediation. Founded 40 years ago as Dutchess County’s first divorce mediation organization, MHMediation, in conjunction with the law firm of Lazar & Schwartz with which it is affiliated, is offering free, live webinars each month titled “Divorce 101.” The webinars are offered to the general public via Zoom on the third Thursday of each month, with the next webinar scheduled for February 18th. The webinars have proved to be a useful resource for dozens of couples and individuals in recent months seeking answers to questions about the variety of options in divorce proceedings and the current status of court hearings in the Hudson Valley.

The “Divorce 101” webinars explore the differences between mediation, collaboration and litigation as approaches to divorce, examining everything from differences in cost and time required, to the impact on children who may be involved, and more. Participants in the live online webinars can ask questions during the one-hour presentation, though they are reminded not to discuss confidential information, as the webinars are open to members of the public who register in advance.

Kathryn Lazar, co-founder of Lazar & Schwartz and founder of MHMediation, commented, “We’re seeing a significant increase in inquiries from couples considering divorce. Contrary to public perception, however, I’d say it’s not only the stress of being together during lockdowns or increased financial pressures that are fueling the increase. We’re also hearing from couples for whom the period of the pandemic has been a time for reflection, a time to consider what each spouse wants in the next stage of their lives. For some, that has meant a decision – often amicable – to pursue divorce.”

Those interested in registering for the free “Divorce 101” webinars can call Lynn Servay at (845) 896-9651. Registrants are reminded that the sessions are public and do not constitute the giving of legal advice. Information on scheduling a private consultation, and more information on the free webinars, is available at

About MHMediation

MHMediation was founded in 1981 as the first divorce mediation organization in Dutchess County. Its mission is to assist people in conflict to resolve their disputes and reach a mutually acceptable agreement without having to rely upon third parties to make decisions for them. In addition to divorce mediation services, MH Mediation offers prenuptial and postnuptial agreement mediation, estate and family dispute mediation, and family-owned business dispute mediation. More than 90% of all couples and groups that have worked with MHMediation have successfully resolved their disputes. Experienced lawyer-mediators, trained and knowledgeable about all aspects of dispute mediation and solution, offer a calming and intelligent interaction with both sides. Mediators are active in the field and have helped lead the way in making mediation the widely accepted technique it is today.

With help from a divorce mediator, parties not only reach agreement on issues, but also learn to negotiate productively. For couples with children, finding a way to work out issues in the future can be critically important for the long-term happiness of all parties. Mediation can be less emotionally aggravating, less expensive and less time consuming than resorting to costly court battles.


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