THE ROYAL CHAIN HEROES | Meet the heroes

THE ROYAL CHAIN HEROES | Meet the heroes

The Royal Chain Group is revealing its first four winners for September. These heroes contributed helped communities across the United States.

NYC, NY, USA, October 8, 2020 / — -The Royal Chain Group is revealing its first four winners for September. These heroes who have contributed to the area of healthcare have made a difference in communities across the United States.
-This nationwide initiative is open to everyone with the hopes of sharing uplifting stories of everyday heroes during these times.

NYC, October 8th: The new CSR initiative by Royal Chain Group and jewelry brand Phillip Gavriel, The Royal Chain Heroes, has revealed its first group of heroes proving even jewelry brands can make a difference and give back to their communities in some way. After its launch last month, the Royal Chain Heroes selected four winning heroes for the month of September. These everyday heroes are recognized not only for their courage but also for their selflessness in the areas of healthcare and empowerment of others.

Michelle Patterson is CEO of the Real Share. After being diagnosed with stage four breast cancer last year, Michelle has spearheaded many initiatives supporting women and giving women everywhere a voice. To celebrate all of her humanitarian achievements, we award Michelle with our gold, diamond and amethyst bracelet from our popcorn collection. The rose gold in the piece symbolizes October as breast cancer awareness month and the amethyst provides a natural tranquilizing properties to help healing.

Avery Culpepper is a Registered Nurse in Roanoke, Virginia. During the pandemic, Avery has been on the front-line taking care of all types of patients and those with COVID-19. Avery gets patients the help they need and puts her their needs before her own by devoting many long days. We congratulate Avery for her brave efforts and award her with our aquamarine quadra earrings from our popcorn collection which is her birthstone

Elaine Canty was supposed to be retired after over 40 years of hard work as a nurse when she was asked to stay longer to take care of patients during the pandemic. At the start of her career, she was thrust into a world faced with the AIDS pandemic, taking care of patients with nowhere to turn in a time of uncertainty and confusion about the disease. This Friday she will end her career during another pandemic. Her perseverance has also inspired her daughter to follow in her footsteps and seek a career in nursing. We award Elaine with our Italian Cable bangle to celebrate her passion for Italian culture. She hopes to return to Italy when it becomes possible again.

Jory Zimmerman is a Critical Care Nurse Practitioner. After a hiking accident, he left his job in sales and began a career in healthcare. When the pandemic hit, he left his life in Maryland and moved to New York at his own will and expense to help those in need at the epicenter. For his dedication and passion, we award Jory with our Woven collection bracelet with sapphires, a bracelet that is completely made by hand and as strong as his will and perseverance throughout his life.

These inspiring stories can be found on The Royal Chain Heroes official website , their social media pages, and through many retail stores part of the Royal Chain Network.

To submit your own everyday hero story, fill in the form that can be found on the Royal Chain Heroes website or at any retailer that is part of The Royal Chain Group Retail Network. All stories received will be considered for our next round of winners published in November. Let’s give thanks to all those who have given so much to others.


Royal Chain Group is a third-generation manufacturer of precious and alternative metal jewelry. With humble beginnings in the 1970s, Royal Chain has grown to become the industry’s leading designer and manufacturer of precious metal jewelry. Their in-depth collections include gold and sterling silver, a diverse offering of basic and fashion jewelry, and some of the strongest, coordinated branded jewelry programs in the industry.

Their Royal Chain Heroes CSR initiative is directed primarily to local communities. The goal is to share stories about everyday heroes, ordinary people who have done something extraordinary to help their community. The stories they share are a strong reminder that great things can still be accomplished, by people of all backgrounds, professions, from all over the world. More at


The Phillip Gavriel brand was created as a concept of making quality fine jewelry accessible to everyone. Their jewelry is handcrafted in Italy and across the world, with love and respect to those who make it. Designer Phillip Gavriel comes from a lineage of jewelers and uses his experience and inspiration to create designs for today. With a rich history, the brand continues to be inspired by the past traditions yet is centered on creating pieces for today. More at

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