Med&Beyond Offers New Yorkers Online Doctor Visits for $39



After Hours Urgent Care TeleHealth Appointments Available from Med&Beyond around the Clock

NEW YORK, USA, March 17, 2021 / — Today, Med&Beyond Urgent Care announced a special offer for New Yorkers in need of medical attention for almost every issue. For an introductory rate of just $39, new patients can experience a visit with board-certified professional Dr. David Zlotnick, along with his medical team. Med&Beyond is well known for excellent urgent care, after hours appointments and visits for traditional medical care. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Telehealth practice is proud to have provided primary care and urgent care via its mobile app to New York residents, some of whom would not have been able to receive medical attention elsewhere.

“Our mission is to provide quality, affordable healthcare to all Americans,” said Dr. Zlotnick, who serves as Chief Medical Officer of Med&Beyond. “Our patients love us, and we love them. Med&Beyond is available to help patients with urgent care at convenient times. We know that many other providers have hidden costs or raise their rates for evening or weekend appointments. In response we now offer a flat ‘no extra cost’ option for New Yorkers.”

The practice has been able to combine state-of-the-art technology with a great human experience—the result of a solid technological AI machine-learning app plus decades of TeleHealth emergency and urgent care experience. Patients who wish to save money have a choice of membership levels lowering future costs to as low as $34.95. Med&Beyond also offers extremely affordable family plans. Dr. Zlotnick added, “We are here for you 24/7. Tell us how you are and get treated right away. Problem solved.”

Dr. Zlotnick has set up the practice so care is available to underserved areas of the population that have not had easy access to healthcare due to cost and trepidation. In addition to offering the least expensive care, Med&Beyond has made empathy training for all of its doctors a priority, providing a comfortable patient care experience.

Patients can download the telemedicine app from Google Play or Apple iTunes to quickly get started. Its advanced AI-based platform will ask simple questions about symptoms and medical records before seeing the doctor. Patients can schedule a convenient appointment with a physician or choose to immediately see a doctor. TeleHealth has become far more widespread and accepted during the pandemic. Patients and practitioners alike find it convenient and helpful for a variety of processes that are more easily performed remotely.

Med&Beyond treats patients with many symptoms and problems such as an itchy or sore throat, muscle sprains and strains, skin, rashes and earaches. It has decades of experience in children’s health, allergies plus cough and cold. The TeleHealth practice offers assistance with sexual health issues, prescription refills, respiratory infections, stomach problems, insect bites and poison ivy.

The Med&Beyond doctors are accredited and available in five states: New York, Florida, Michigan, New Jersey and North Carolina.

For more information go to and download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play.



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