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Nan McCann, Founder & Producer M2Moms

Continually updated with the latest insight and know-how on marketing to moms & families

M2Moms® new approach helps marketers continuously tap into the very latest research, trends, media & marketing strategies on what’s working with moms and families from the world’s best experts.”

— Nan McCann, M2Moms® Producer

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 19, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Nan McCann, Founder and Producer of M2Moms® -The Marketing to Moms Conference, announced that M2Moms® has “pivoted to digital to become M2Moms® – The Constant Conference, www.m2moms.com . We’ve created a new website offering all the same brand building resources M2Moms® has always provided. Except, now instead of being an annual event, M2Moms® is continually updated with all the latest info to help brands market to women, moms and modern families. The research, case studies, expert interviews, marketing insights and resources marketers have always relied on is now immediately accessible 24/7. As part of the change, we’ve transitioned our community of marketers from event attendees to Members Only digital subscribers.”

“The launch edition of M2Moms® 2020 The Constant Conference includes: a podcast interview hosted by Australia’s Marketing to Mums founder Katrina McCarter featuring Jola Burnet, VP of GfK Consumer Life. They discuss new research focused on how moms are feeling during Covid19 & how their behavior has changed compared to other consumer segments,” McCann continued. “Pepper Miller, author of Black Still Matters in Marketing, helps us rethink Black American Consumers today. Jim Madden of Paramount Market Publishing highly recommends Pepper’s book as one that should be read by every brand marketer working today. AARP enlightens us with new research on Women and Gaming. Amy Henry, family marketing expert and founder of Flashlight Insights, explores how Brands Can Support a Return to Play and why this is so important. GfK also posts news from their ongoing family research about Post-Pandemic Shopping. The videographers at Snippies take to the streets of America and beyond with new interviews capturing what some consumers look forward to when pandemic conditions improve.”

“Plus, marketers will find news that is specifically curated to help them reinvent, rethink, and refresh as everyone takes a deep breath and moves forward,” McCann said. “All in all, we think this new approach to M2Moms® helps marketers continuously tap into the very latest research, trends, media and marketing strategies on what’s working with consumers in this unique moment from so many of the best experts in the world.”

2020 M2Moms® Sponsors:
AARP, Healthline Parenthood, GfK, FlashLight Insights, Marketing to Mums, Paramount Market Publishing, Pepper Miller Group, Snippies, Springboard Global Enterprises, The Local Moms Network, and Tiny Tutus.

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