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Lemonjuice Announces Record-Breaking Growth and Promotions

This banner year reflects our team’s resilience, creativity, and unwavering commitment to our mission of putting Owners First and delivering on our promises.”

— Alex Krakovsy, CEO, Lemonjuice Solutions

ORLANDO, FL, US, March 28, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Lemonjuice Solution company is thrilled to announce a record-breaking year of growth and expansion. Despite the challenges posed by the ever-changing landscape of the timeshare industry, Lemonjuice has solidified its position as a front-runner in repositioning resorts under its Resort Reimagined™ program and has gained the confidence of 22 Resort Boards that have engaged the company as its management partner.

“Over the past year, Lemonjuice has achieved remarkable milestones, and we are excited about our robust pipeline and onboarding schedule,” stated Scott MacGregor, EVP and Chief Operating Officer for Lemonjuice. Scott continues, “We know we are at the right place and time and appreciate our team’s unwavering dedication and hard work. Our people and the executive leadership team make it possible for us to reach new levels of achievement.”

Strengthening Lemonjuice’s workforce, it has welcomed many new team members to its family and grew to 250 employees with a dedicated 40-person title department over the last year. Lemonjuice’s growth benefits stakeholders and contributes positively to timeshare Owners, Boards, and Associations, paving the way for more sustainable timeshares.

As Lemonjuice continues to expand its reach and impact in professional timeshare management, and repositioning resorts aligning its team structure with its strategic goals has become imperative. The following individuals have demonstrated exceptional skill, dedication, and leadership, embodying the values and vision of Lemonjuice. These promotions reflect Lemonjuice’s commitment to recognizing outstanding contributions and fostering leadership from within.

Jan Barrow has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Business Development. She previously served as Vice President of the department. In her new role, she will drive the company’s growth and continue working with the Executive Leadership Team on strategic vision and long-term value proposition. She will continue to be responsible for overseeing marketing, strategic relationships, and public relations and expanding the company’s presence.

Elizabeth Ponte D’Ambro will now serve as Vice President of Human Resources and be elevated to the Senior Executive Team. Having excelled as Director of Human Resources, creating, and building the company’s HR strategies, functions, and HR business partnership. She will continue to oversee all of Lemonjuice’s strategies on talent management, benefits, compensation, and talent acquisition.

Mike Elliott has advanced to Vice President of Facilities and Risk Management from Director of Facilities Management, where he consistently delivered results and went above and beyond in executing his job. In his new capacity, Mike will work with Lemonjuice’s Vice Presidents of Operations and Project Managers and oversee the maintenance and risks at Lemonjuice’s managed resorts.

Alex Krakovsky, Lemonjuice’s CEO, says, “This banner year reflects our team’s resilience, creativity, and unwavering commitment to our mission of putting Owners First and delivering on our promises. “We believe in empowering our team and providing opportunities for professional advancement, which drives our success and innovation. As we celebrate these achievements, we are energized and more focused than ever on building upon this success to deliver greater value to our customers, partners, and communities.”

About Lemonjuice:
Lemonjuice Solutions specializes in strategic planning, investment capital, and professional management for timeshare and mixed-use properties. Distinguished by its solutions-oriented approach, Lemonjuice aligns its interests with stakeholders by investing its capital and resources. The Resorts Reimagined™ program exemplifies Lemonjuice’s commitment to revitalizing legacy timeshare resorts and creating value for owners.

For inquiries about Resorts Reimagined™ and Lemonjuice Solutions services, please contact Jan Barrow at 863-602-8804 or Jan.Barrow@Lemonjuice.biz.

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