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The smooth, unsweetened apple butter was a winner in the Delicious Dips & Spreads category

BAKERSFIELD, CA, US, April 2, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Langer Farms announced today that their Unsweetened Apple Butter was named as a winner in Good Housekeeping’s 2024 Best Snack Awards. The full list of winners will be available online at goodhousekeeping.com/snackawards2024. Select winners can be found in the July/August 2024 issue of Good Housekeeping.

“After just launching our family’s favorite apple butter recipe to retail locations earlier this year, we are incredibly proud to already see it recognized by one of the most prestigious, longstanding sources for tips and products in home kitchens. It is an honor to have a product from our second-generation juice company’s break-through into the sustainable food category earn an award so quickly. But we all know in the Langer family, the recipe truly speaks for itself,” said Bruce Langer,Co-Owner of Langer Farms.

Langer Farms Apple Butter is making waves in its category due to its unforgettable flavor that tastes like something you’d stumble upon while visiting a grandmother’s small orchard. The fragrant spices and pure taste – with apples sourced from the Langer family’s orchard in southern California – makes it hard to believe this is a condiment available at grocery stores nationwide. In addition to being sustainably harvested and batched, Langer Farms’ plant-based spread is irresistibly smooth, thick and sweetened only by apples ripened to perfection. There is a depth of delicious flavor that echoes on the palate from warm spices, cinnamon and clove. This apple butter is ideal for cooking and snacking – pleasingly tart, subtly sweet and buttery: a perfect, healthy addition to crackers, cheeses, other fruits, toasts, oatmeal, yogurt or simply by the spoonful directly from the jar.

On a mission to prioritize sustainability and create innovative options, Langer Farms launched two exceptional products made with apples from their second-generation, lovingly tended orchards, which until now were only for their juices. Their vegan honey made solely from apples, Apple Honey, is certainly a match for its award-winning apple butter and is part of the company’s goal to restore ecological balance with bee-free, vegan products with unrivaled flavor. Langer Farms’ thoughtfully crafted condiments represent a step forward in food production, where taste, health, and eco-consciousness coalesce to create products that are beneficial for both consumers and the planet.

For more information on Langer Farms, visit them online. Langer Farms Apple Butter is available on Amazon, as well as online.

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