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Key Housing Announces New Info Pages for Palo Alto Corporate Housing as well as Short Term and Temporary Housing

Key Housing has unveiled new content pages for Palo Alto, California. Business and leisure travelers looking for hard-to-find housing in Silicon Valley.

All short term housing markets are really micro markets.”

— Bob Lee

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 30, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Key Housing, a top-rated short-term housing service serving both Northern and Southern California at https://www.keyhousing.com/, is proud to announce new informational pages for Palo Alto, California. The new pages zero in on unique market segments for corporate housing, temporary housing, serviced (furnished) apartments, and short term corporate rentals.

“All short term housing markets are really micro markets,” explained company spokesperson Bob Lee. “By launching four micro pages focused on segments ranging from corporate housing to short term rentals, we’re helping housing-seekers to find hard-to-find corporate housing in the heart of Silicon Valley.”

Those looking to learn more about Palo Alto housing opportunities can visit each of the key pages online: corporate housing (https://www.keyhousing.com/corporate-housing-city/palo-alto/), temporary housing (https://www.keyhousing.com/corporate-rentals-temporary-housing-in-california/palo-alto/), serviced apartments (https://www.keyhousing.com/serviced-apartments-in-california/palo-alto/), and short term rentals (https://www.keyhousing.com/short-term-furnished-apartment-rentals-in-california/palo-alto/). The new content pages zero in on nuanced information differences sought by those hoping to find hard-to-find housing in Palo Alto, California. For example, “Corporate housing” caters specifically to business travelers, offering fully furnished apartments designed for longer stays, typically ranging from a few weeks to several months. These accommodations prioritize comfort and convenience, providing amenities such as high-speed internet, housekeeping services, and on-site facilities like fitness centers or business centers. In contrast, “Short Term Housing” might be suitable for anyone such as nurses or students coming to Palo Alto, conveniently located next to Stanford University. Temporary housing in Palo Alto encompasses a broader spectrum of accommodations suitable for short to medium-term stays, ranging from a few days to several months. Finally, “serviced” or “furnished apartments” zeroes in on those who are looking for fully furnished apartments, and might be staying as long as six months or longer. Interested persons are urged to reach out to Key Housing for a consultation on their housing needs, as everyone’s needs are unique and only a few options perfectly meet their needs.

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A novel aspect of the new information is the “human connection” built into Key Housing’s model. Complementing the newly announced online resources with the expertise and personalized assistance of live human concierges offers an unparalleled advantage. The uniqueness occurs in the matching of client needs with housing opportunities; the four new pages reflect this more nuanced task.


Based in Folsom, California, Key Housing Connections Inc. specializes in corporate housing and serviced apartments in large cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles or San Diego as well as smaller cities like Fresno, Burbank, and Carlsbad. Key Housing is a leader in affordable, friendly, short-term and corporate housing in places like Bakersfield, Encinitas, Hermosa Beach, and just about every city in California. Whether it’s a San Diego serviced apartment or a San Francisco furnished rental, just search, click or call today!

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