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Kentucky Author Erin Dullaghan Jones releases Susie and Johnny Grilled Cheese

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Take Whirlwind Adventure to Kentucky Derby Festival & Kentucky Derby 9th book

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY, UNITED STATES, April 3, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Author Erin Dullaghan Jones is thrilled to announce the release of an exciting new book titled Susie, and Johnny Grilled Cheese Take a Whirlwind Adventure to the Kentucky Derby Festival and Kentucky Derby just in time for the best time of year in Louisville. In this fun-filled tale, Susie and Johnny, our grilled cheese friends, embark on a thrilling journey to the heart of horse racing and festivities in Louisville, Kentucky.

Invited to attend the prestigious Kentucky Derby and the renowned Kentucky Derby Festival, Susie and Johnny immerse themselves in fantastic events and experiences. Throughout their adventure, they are joined by their exceptional tour guide, Minty Mark, who helps them embrace their roles as Derby Festival princess and prince.

Highlights of their unforgettable expedition include:

* Witnessing a breathtaking “Balloon Glow” with over 40 hot air balloons illuminating the sky.
* Discovering the history and excitement of the Kentucky Derby at the Derby Museum.
* Having close encounters with the contenders and riding horses around the famed Churchill Downs track.
* Experiencing the awe-inspiring atmosphere of being the “Grand Marshals” of the Pegasus Parade.
* Savoring the culinary delights of Derby Days and enjoying a delightful brunch with their favorite celebrity.
* Exploring the essence of Louisville and reveling in an extraordinary ball where they dance until midnight.

The pinnacle of Susie and Johnny’s journey is attending the world-famous Kentucky Derby itself. From learning about hat-wearing traditions to witnessing the exhilarating race, their excitement peaks when Susie’s chosen horse, Mookie Cookie, emerges as the winner, leading to a joyful celebration and a hundred-dollar reward.

As Susie and Johnny say their farewells and return home, they share their incredible experiences with their families. The sight of hot air balloons soaring over their treehouse hints at new adventures. With a newfound sense of wonder, they eagerly await their next destination.

Susie and Johnny’s Fantastic Adventure at the Kentucky Derby Festival is an enchanting children’s book that combines thrilling storytelling with colorful illustrations. It gives young readers an immersive experience of the Kentucky Derby and the Festival.

The book will be available at www.susieandjohnnygrilledcheese.com, www.theadventurersofsusiejohnny.com, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and local bookstores (soon). Take advantage of this thrilling book that will captivate the hearts and minds of children everywhere.

Erin Jones, in.Mode Marketing

Erin Dullaghan Jones was founded in. Mode Marketing in 2010, where her in-depth knowledge of the evolving marketing world is distinguished. Her strategic expertise in communications – Public Relations, Marketing, Crisis Communications, Content Management, and Event Marketing – enhances and strengthens the consumer and trade awareness of her diverse client base, which encompasses philanthropy to consumer goods. Erin is a charter member of Unified Strategies Public Relations (USPR), an international network of public relations and marketing communications professionals for which she represents the Commonwealth of Kentucky and is a long-term Senior Consultant with The Institute for Crisis Management (ICM), one of the first crisis management consulting firms in North America. She is also an accomplished speaker and media training professional with an impressive resume of public speaking engagements at keynote marketing events nationwide.

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