KCD Energy Now Selling Portable Construction Heaters

An industry leader in construction and industrial heaters is now selling new, breakthrough portable construction heaters.

MEDFORD, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 9, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Representatives with KCD Energy announced today that it is now selling portable construction heaters.

“With our portable heaters, you can put the heat where you need it, and move it on your schedule,” said KCD Energy Vice President Steve Gibson.

Gibson explained that its construction heater and commercial heater system gives users the freedom to move heating from room to room.

“You put the industrial heater where you need it, and move it when necessary,” Gibson said, before adding, “Our portable heating system is deployed in temporary spaces for emergencies, where it can be moved and expanded to accommodate the mercurial situation, such as fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Gibson went on to also point out that its portable construction heaters are great for hotel lobby front doors, cold staircases, mechanical rooms where cold is a concern.

Gibson added that its customers include end-users who know they are going to have a heating problem every year and would like to own the solution to their problem, to contractors who are in a position to bill the client to solve a problem.

“We offer both single and three-phase systems,” Gibson said. “Our single-phase system is tailored to construction sites with temporary power and large residential applications. Our three-phase systems are designed for use in commercial heaters and industrial heating applications. With our Plug and Play System, you are in complete control.”

In fact, once the distribution panel is installed, Gibson said, “it is simple for you and your staff to add industrial heater extension cords, and you place heaters as required.”

For more information, please visit kcdenergy.com/how-it-works.


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KCD Energy Company brings you industrial heaters & systems with you in control. Easily placed where heat is needed the most, portable without re-wiring or the need for an electrician.

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