Karma the Game of Destiny; Ready for soft launch.

Karma the Game of Destiny: team ready for the soft launch. Give the world an immersive experience;

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA , November 10, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Karma the Game: Manifest Your Destiny
A social eco platform can’t help you manifest your destiny, can it? Think again! Meet Karma the Game of Destiny. Between the limitless world-building possibilities, the customizable controllable experience Karma offers something for all. Karma combines AR gaming with dating and is the most anticipated social app of the year on both IOS and Android. It brings a brand new experience that lets you meet real new friends, find soulmates, and possibly fall in love with a special someone. Experience a new reality that’s all your creation, all from your smartphone, but grounded in the real world and with real connections.
“We have given people control, autonomy, data/profile ownership, and a valuation
system. Through this platform, they can form groups, chat, exchange, and store documents and media. It’s like an enterprise platform for the price of a cup of coffee.
After that, it’s a game where people can make money like Uber. Ambassadors will be the next TV stars on the internet.”
René Reyes Chairman and Founder
How does Karma work?
Choose a door, and embark on your biggest adventure yet. With your custom digital avatar, you can explore the world you create and the larger world of Karma like never before. Find cool local hotspots, meet new people, and play games. Nobody is the same; that’s why we offer a way to express yourself authentically, anyway you like.
Pre-launch tokens are now available
Ready to experience reality in a way you never thought possible? Pre-launch tokens are now available for purchase at our site. Want to find out more of what Karma the Game is all about? Check our site for yourself, download the app, and play the first 30 days for free! Ready to experience the most immersive social networking app? We’ll see you in December.
“We’re here to compose, design, and evolve the future. The future can be defined as creating the visions you see internally, external. It is weaving ideas into tangible structures that cause all who by-stand to utter: progress.”
Robert Porter, CEO and Co-Founder

Robert Porter
Karma the Game of Destiny inc.
+1 8552578464
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