Kamba Enters Strategic Partnership with Alkymi to Deliver Intelligent Data Extraction and Process Automation

Kamba + Alkymi Partnership

The Strategic Partnership will Enable Kamba’s Clients to Focus on High-value Business Priorities Instead of Spending Time Manually Processing Data

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 13, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Kamba Group LLC, a firm that enables technology and financial services companies to accelerate innovation at scale, today announces its partnership with intelligent data extraction and process automation platform, Alkymi Inc. The agreement will give Kamba’s clients the ability to extract data from unstructured text buried inside emails, PDFs, spreadsheets, and other document types in real-time, enabling straight-through processing and eliminating manual work.

“We deliver value to financial services companies by advising them on the data and technologies that can generate alpha and accelerate growth at critical stages, which helps them stay ahead in their highly competitive market,” said Sebastean Leoni, managing partner of Kamba. “Extracting data from unstructured documents such as emails and documents is a high-touch process that wastes employees’ time and slows down operations. Alkymi Data Inbox is an easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use application that puts machine learning in the hands of business users, enabling instant access to critical data needed for research, analysis, or transforming manual workflows.”

Alkymi will offer Kamba’s clients access to its platform to address the challenges they face when processing unstructured data at scale. For example, financial institutions that want to digitize client onboarding can do so in a matter of days, enabling customer information to flow into a single queue for processing. Accounting data such as cash calls and distributions buried in emails, PDFs, spreadsheets, tables, and other document types can now be extracted, processed, and delivered in seconds and with no errors. Analysts can now hone in on the exact information they care about from hundreds of inbound financial reports in real-time.

“Most of Kamba’s financial services clients are looking for ways to reduce inefficiency and streamline operations,” said Harald Collet, CEO, and co-founder of Alkymi. “Freeing critical business data from emails and documents is a high-touch process and disproportionate use of time and resources. Our platform puts a powerful machine-learning solution in business users’ hands to eliminate this operational headache, so they have more time to analyze new investment opportunities or advise clients.”

To learn more about Kamba’s suppliers’ solutions, visit www.kambagroup.com and www.alkymi.io to learn more about Alkymi’s platform and services.


About Kamba
Kamba helps financial services companies find, engage, and purchase new technologies that accelerate operations innovation to achieve a sustained advantage. Our managed services enable access to multiple solutions through a single channel, facilitating solutions comparisons, selection, and validation. The standardized buyer enablement process reduces the amount of time companies spend with any one supplier and supports the purchasing consensus creation. By working closely with our curated portfolio of vendors, we empower them to deliver value at each step of the purchase process, resulting in simplified and shorter buy/sales cycles.

About Alkymi
Alkymi is an intelligent data extraction and process automation platform for the financial services industry. Alkymi places machine-learning automation in the hands of business users, democratizing access to technology to turn an operational headache into a source of efficiency and insight. By combining an easy-to-use platform with human-in-the-loop expertise, Alkymi frees employees from tedious, error-prone tasks to focus on high-value work.

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