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Julie Meates Joins with SuccessBooks® and Lisa Nichols to Co-Author Inspirational Book, ‘Rise Up!’

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Julie Meates

CHRISTCHURCH , NEW ZEALAND, March 30, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — SuccessBooks® is delighted to announce the collaboration with Julie Meates, who will co-author the forthcoming book, “Rise Up!” alongside a distinguished team of authors, including the renowned Lisa Nichols.

“Rise Up!” will elevate readers’ spirits through captivating stories of courage and unwavering commitment. The official launch of this empowering book is scheduled for the Summer of 2024.

Julie Meates is a New Zealand-born humanitarian with a diverse career, endeavoring to bring more peace, kindness and love into the world. Family is central to her life, as she is married with three children and a large extended family.

Beginning her career as a teacher, Julie’s passion for education and health led her to become qualified as a social worker and counselor. She is now a barrister and solicitor, actively pursuing post-graduate studies in education and health. Her commitment to community wellbeing is evident in her extensive volunteer work, driven by her belief in paying kindness forward.

In 2002, Julie co-founded the Fulfil A Dream Foundation, with a vision, hope and dream of strong and happy families, happy, healthy, vibrant communities, and wise and visionary leadership, uniting high-profile figures from various fields to empower individuals, families, and communities. She also chaired the indigenous Maori learning center, Kohanga Reo.

Julie is a six-time Best-Selling Author, co-authoring books like, Pay It Forward, with Brian Tracy, Success, The Soul of Success – Vol. 3, Turning Point, and The Keys to Authenticity with Jack Canfield, along with, Never Give Up with Dick Vitale. These books contribute to various causes, including nonprofits dedicated to ending human trafficking and modern-day slavery, among others.

Julie joined Abundance Studios as a Producer and worked on notable films including, The Truth About Reading, Dickie V documentary, It’s Happening Right Here, which earned a Telly Award in 2023, Tactical Empathy, and Hero. She has also been a guest on TV shows such as “Hollywood Live,” “Times Square Today,” and “The Global Entrepreneurship Initiative’s Summer Symposium” at Carnegie Hall. Her appearances have been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX nationwide.

Julie has volunteered with Community Law’s programme, in community justice panels that facilitate restorative justice to promptly address harm caused by offenders. She also served as the Board Secretary for the United Nations executive in her Canterbury region and is involved with the Women of Hope Wake Up and Help Ourselves Trust Board.

Throughout her career, Julie has volunteered with Women’s Refuge, various NGOs, charitable organizations, sport, musical, cultural, social and community lead initiatives, empowering youth, families and communities. She held the position of Vice President at Wairarapa International Communities Incorporated, engaged in community radio with local, national, and international broadcasts, and contributed to homelessness initiatives nationally and internationally.

Julie Meates is a compassionate, kind leader, adept at inspiring, influencing, coordinating, and empowering diverse groups of people to achieve their goals.

SuccessBooks® is thrilled to have Julie Meates as part of the team for the creation of “Rise Up!” and eagerly anticipates the invaluable insights she will contribute. Stay tuned for “Rise Up!” and prepare to be inspired by the collective knowledge of Julie Meates, Lisa Nichols, and the exceptional team of authors.

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