How to Use Tech to Communicate with Family Safely, Steven Odzer Explains

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Steven Odzer Explains the Importance of Family During the Pandemic

NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES, September 22, 2020 / — The pandemic has left many people feeling stranded from their families. The CDC has recommended that people only interact with those directly inside of their own households. Families that live near one another, then, are left to wave to each other from afar. Steven Odzer, an entrepreneur in New York who has a large family, explains some of the ways to use technology.

As a Jewish man with a large family and even more extended family still in Israel, Steven Odzer understands the struggles with communicating with family during the COVID-19 pandemic. “It’s not easy,” he explains when talking about maintaining the social distancing guidelines.

One of the ways he has managed to stay in touch is by using Skype. It allows a face to face conversation as something different than talking over the phone. While the video isn’t always the best, Steven Odzer explains that it’s better than nothing.

For communicating with larger families at once, Steven Odzer recommends Zoom. It’s not a costly technology, either. Zoom has been offering accounts with up to 30 minutes of talk-time for free. It allows everyone to have audio and video together so that it feels more like a social visit. While it doesn’t allow for hugs and kisses, it’s better than nothing.

Steven Odzer is quick to remind people that communicating with the family safely is important. As much as he wants to hug an aunt or kiss a grandchild, he doesn’t want to risk anyone’s health. He wants to remain in everyone’s lives and find out how they’re doing. However, he knows that anyone can be a carrier, even if they aren’t exhibiting any kind of symptoms.

Steven Odzer is also grateful for the technology that is in place. He has shared with his kids that, if this were 30 or 40 years ago, communication would be considerably more challenging. The internet wasn’t around, he tells his younger family members. Although it’s hard for them to believe such a thing, the communication would have been in the form of telephones and letters being sent by mail. Video calls wouldn’t have been possible.
Communicating with family has changed dramatically during the pandemic. However, Steven Odzer is a fan of how some people are adapting. The idea of setting up a drive-by birthday parade is a great way to celebrate. It allows the person to feel special while getting visitors in a way that doesn’t break social distancing rules.

While Steven Odzer is eager to get back to when he can stand in front of his family members without adhering to a six-foot rule, he is happy to have the technology that he has. He encourages everyone to explore the tech so that communicating with family is not only possible but made a priority.

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