Hasanov Capital, a Business & Commercial Real Estate Financing Firm placed $100m in business acquisition loans in 2020

NEW YORK, USA, January 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Despite the turbulent business year in almost every industry in 2020, Hasanov Capital, a financial firm focused on business and commercial real estate funding successfully managed to place more than $100 million into business acquisition financing in 2020 alone, assisting countless business owners and real estate investors secure funding in very difficult times.

Hasanov Capital is an intermediary between their clients, mainly business owners, real estate investment companies and developers looking to secure loans to grow their business or purchase real estate, and their network of lenders, including banks and institutional investors who are able to provide the funding to facilitate their clients’ needs. Hasanov Capital provides capital to businesses and other institutions nationwide.

The real estate market experienced a very volatile year in 2020 with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and despite the negative impact the pandemic had on the real estate market, investors were still purchasing real estate assets. Business owners and real estate investors also found it significantly more difficult to secure funding from banks and other financial institutions considering the lending-climate of 2020.

Farrukh Hasanov, Co-founder and CEO of Hasanov Capital admitted, “2020 has been a very difficult financial business year, which is why we made it our priority to assist our clients find the funding they require to grow their business at best possible loan terms. We had a busy year, allocating over $100 million in business acquisition financing”.

Hasanov Capital assists real estate companies and developers who require funding for construction, acquisition, re-capitalization or development of their real estate properties, as well as business owners in need of funding to grow their business through company mergers and acquisitions, financing equipment, working capital and more. Their vast range of real estate and business loan programs are tailored to facilitate these exact situations.

Hasanov Capital also assists middle market companies finance their business and secure the necessary funding for the initial acquisition of business assets, and at times acts as financial advisors guiding their clients to the most appropriate loan product for their situation.

Hasanov Capital attempts to understand their client’s real estate and financing needs to find the best possible loan terms before they place the loan. They are able to facilitate loans from $20,000 to over $30 million and have a vast selection of financing options which can be tailored to their client’s needs.

Hasanov Capital is partnered with the industry’s leading investors. It’s network of lenders consists of more than 100 domestic and international institutional investors, banks and investors. Their ability to offer tailored financial solutions is made possible by the long-term relationships they have cultivated with community, regional and international banks as well as domestic and international investors and financiers over the course of many years and successful transactions.

Most banks and lending institutions are one-dimensional offering very limited types of financing options, but Hasanov Capital’s vast network of lenders affords them the flexibility to offer their clients uniquely tailored solutions other financial institutions and lenders cannot afford to do.

Hasanov Capital has earned a reputation for facilitating efficient and timely financial and real estate solutions. Their management team’s extensive experience as owners, operators and developers of commercial real estate, as well as, as managers of real estate portfolios and investment funds gives them the ability to execute challenging transactions in diverse and difficult market climates and consistently deliver strong returns to investors.

About Hasanov Capital
Founded by brothers Farrukh Hasanov and Farkhad Hasanov, Hasanov Capital is a leading private business and commercial real estate financing firm with a focus on business acquisition and commercial real estate financing. They offer uniquely tailored financing solutions to new and well-established businesses and real estate investors and developers throughout the U.S. Playing the role of an intermediary, Hasanov Capital connectes their clients with their global financing network of banks and investors with the aim of facilitating timely real estate and financing solutions.

For services enquiries, please contact:

Farrukh Hasanov
Hasanov Capital
+1 646-330-4607

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