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Francis Caesar Devine named Australia’s No. 1 young criminal lawyer

Francis Caesar Devine

Francis Caesar Devine

Francis Caesar Devine Speaking

Francis Caesar Devine Speaking

GOSFORD, NSW, AUSTRALIA, March 22, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Conditsis Lawyers is proud to announce that Francis Caesar Devine, a dedicated member of their criminal law team, has been awarded the prestigious Lawyers Weekly ‘Top 30 Under 30’ award in the Criminal Law category. The black-tie ceremony, held at The Star in Sydney on Thursday 7th March, saw Mr Devine recognised for his exceptional talent and initiative in the legal profession amongst 850 of his peers. Mr Devine was selected out of nine other finalists in his category, each having made significant contributions to the Australian legal field over the past year. Among the finalists was fellow Conditsis Lawyers colleague, Kayla Nielsen.

Growing up in Sydney, Mr Devine graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Laws with Honours in 2021. During his Honours year, he demonstrated his unyielding commitment to excellence in the humanitarian field through his research on issues of genocide in international criminal law, which was subsequently published. “Macquarie University has given me the research skills to synthesise complicated legal concepts and effectively argue nuanced points of law in the courtroom.”

Since joining Conditsis Lawyers in August 2022 as a junior criminal lawyer, Mr Devine has shown rapid growth as a skilled advocate. He has exceptional legal research skills and a keen eye for the most minute details of legislation, which has proven invaluable in the defence of his clients. Amongst mentors, colleagues and clients alike, Mr Devine is recognised for his calmness and ability to ‘think on his feet’.

In addition to his courtroom advocacy, Mr Devine strives to uphold an active role in shaping public policy. He completed his postgraduate courses at the University of Sydney and University of New South Wales and, in 2023, ran as a candidate in the NSW State general election.

Mr Devine’s efficiency as a legal practitioner is evident in the successful balancing of his postgraduate education, heavy case load and active political campaigning. Not only does he manage these responsibilities simultaneously, but he also makes innovative contributions in each space to improve workflow and client satisfaction. Last year, he spearheaded Conditsis Lawyers’ migration from hardcopy to digital resource management. This vital initiative is projected to save the firm over $15,000 per annum in research costs and has already enabled a swifter delivery of justice for its clients.

Manny Conditsis, founder and co-director of Conditsis Lawyers, praised Mr Devine’s professional growth. He said: “In his relatively short time at Conditsis Lawyers, Francis has demonstrated an enviable capacity for legal research and an ability to provide and deliver articulate and tempred advice. He has assisted me personally in numerous Local and District Court matters, and I look forward to continuing collaboration with him.”

Upon receiving the award, Mr Devine warmly acknowledged his fellow finalists, mentors Manny Conditsis and Michal Mantaj, and esteemed colleagues at Conditsis Lawyers. He said, “Winning recognises my dedication to advocating for the rule of law and justice. It also inspires others to attain similar recognition within our honourable profession.”

Conditsis Lawyers congratulates Mr Devine on his well-deserved achievement and looks forward to his continued success in the legal field. He is the second member of the Conditsis criminal law under 30’s team to win the prestigious award, with Ms Alex Bailey having been awarded the honour in 2021.

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