Fran Briggs Releases Best of Autumn Reading II, 2020

Fran Briggs, American Journalist

Fran Briggs, American Journalist

Authors from the U. K., USA, Argentina and Norway complete the list

A few authors have wowed their fans for more than a decade; others have just recently begun springing into prominence.”

— Fran Briggs

NEW YORK, NY, USA, October 3, 2020 / — It’s that time of the year when great books and the authors who write them take center stage. On the heels of the first dynamic list, American Journalist, Fran Briggs presents Volume II of “The Best of Autumn Reading, 2020.” Both listings put the spotlight on a select few of endlessly gifted and distinguished authors.

Named to the list are new and established authors from the U. K. to the U.S.A., to Argentina and Norway.

The Best of Autumn Reading, 2020 II helps enthusiastic readers make quality decisions as it pertains to their reading selections,” says Briggs. “A few authors have wowed their fans for more than a decade; others have just recently begun springing into prominence. In either case, all are making quite a global impact.”

Below are the final ten of twenty authors. The numerical order does not coincide with ranking.

1. Spooktacular (Amazon) by Daniel M Warloch
It is Halloween, but for Holly things don’t turn out the way she would prefer. Yet, as always with Holly, there is a happy ending.

2. Things I Wish I Knew: Letters To My Little Sisters (LaDonna Marie Books, LLC) by LaDonna Marie The author helps young girls, teenagers, young women, and adults become the best version of themselves by presenting solutions and positive encouragement as they navigate through life

3. Here to Stay (Algonquin) by Sara Farizan
Bijan Majidi gets good grades, plays basketball and reads comics. He has friends but isn’t super popular at his high school. That changes after Bijan scores the winning basket in a big game. But as he becomes more popular, he also becomes the target of a smear campaign that paints him as a terrorist.

4. America On Trial for Reparations (Saving Our Seeds) by Phala Nazarine and Nigeria Rami
The sole purpose of obtaining reparations for African descendants in the United States.

5. Rockin Life From Home (Baker Boundless Potential) by Cindy C. Baker
Learn how to manage kids and work at the same time without going grey.
Join five characters who attend a coaching group to learn creative ways to adjust to and balance working from home.

6. Staying Fit After 40: The Body You Deserve (Indie) by Richard Robertson
Fitness secrets for burning off extra unwanted pounds, reversing aging and building lean muscle. Stay fit, healthy and ripped through your 40s and beyond!

7. Trust God in the Process (Indie) by Prophet W.R. Downs
A traffic stop led to a 21-year prison sentence. Vivid dreams and visions, willingness to transform, and trusting God led to freedom.

8. 10 Minutes 38 Seconds in this Strange World (Bloomsbury Publishing) by Elif Shafak Moments after her death, Tequila Leila enters a state of heightened awareness. Her heart has stopped beating but her brain is still active-for 10 minutes 38 seconds.

9. Blindly In Love: The Red Lair Book 1 (Indie) by Kelanie Black Blind from birth, Dante is his own worst enemy. Adrift in life, Cassie is looking for more. Both look for happiness in all the wrong places. When they meet at The Red Lair, the two learn who they are to each other, and to themselves.

10. The Art of Showing Up: How to be There for Yourself and Your People (The Experiment) by Rachel Wilkerson Miller
Part manifesto, part guide. The author charts a course to kinder more thoughtful and fulfilling relationships. She teaches, “You can’t show up for others if you aren’t showing up for yourself first.”

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