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Ensuring Legally Compliant Notarization: Key Steps for Remote Online Sessions

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COLUMBUS, OH, UNITED STATES, April 3, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In the wake of the rising trend of Remote Online Notarization, concerns about fraud have also heightened. It is crucial for individuals to ascertain the legitimacy of their notarization sessions. Here are the essential steps to ensure a legally compliant notarization process:

1. Verification of Notary Credentials: The notary should provide a means for you to search their name on the state’s notary portal to confirm their authorization for remote or electronic notarization services, as per state-specific terms and regulations.

2. Identity Verification: During the session, you must undergo identity verification. This could involve answering five random questions about your life, providing your ID for platform verification, or validating through biometric means such as facial recognition. These processes also will vary based upon the commissioned state of the notary, not your physical location at the time of the session. In some instances, a verification by credible witness may also be accepted.

3. Secured Video Session: The session must occur on a secured video platform provided by the notarization platform. Utilizing platforms like Teams or FaceTime is not legally permissible for notarization purposes.

4. Display of ID on Camera: You must display your ID to the notary during the video session. Statements confirming your voluntary participation and potentially an oath may also be required.

5. Use of Electronic Signatures: Both you and the notary should utilize electronic signatures, with the notary affixing an electronic stamp to the document requiring notarization.

6. Document Security: Upon completion of the session, you should receive a software file of your document. When opened in Adobe Sign, the document should be locked, with a signature panel visible.

Following these steps ensures that your notarization process meets all legal requirements. Although regulations may vary from state to state, the core principles of remote online notarization remain consistent nationwide.

Notaries associated with Cyberize It undergo a rigorous review by administrative staff, ensuring that they have access to all legally mandated aspects of notarization. Our platform offers both convenience and compliance, providing peace of mind to our users.

Amy Seitz, CEO of Cyberize It, LLC, is pleased to announce forthcoming software updates that will enhance the capabilities of notaries and streamline the client experience. In May 2024, new vendor partnerships will further enhance this process, ushering in a new era of growth for the platform.

To learn more about the Cyberize It, LLC and its features, please visit www.cyberizeit.com.

About Cyberize It, LLC:

Cyberize It, LLC is an innovative online notary service that leverages technology to simplify the notarization process. By offering a convenient and secure platform, Cyberize It aims to eliminate the challenges associated with finding and meeting with a notary in person. The company is dedicated to making notary services more accessible to individuals and businesses, saving them time and resources. For more information, visit www.cyberizeit.com.

Cyberize It, LLC was founded in March of 2021. Offering its software solution in more than 36 states.

Cyberize It, LLC is a small, 100% woman owned business based out of Columbus, Ohio. Created by a long-term Notary, Amy realized that the software options for Notaries just did not meet her needs, standards, or requirements.

Cyberize It, LLC offers a streamlined process where individuals can upload a document and connect to a notary, as well as allows for the Notary to setup their own client base and facilitate the notarization directly with them.

Cyberize It, LLC is a Certified as an Ohio Women Owned Business, and a LGBT Business Enterprise®

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