Andrés Arauz, presidential candidate for Ecuador 2021 Elections

Moving out of dollarization would be “insane” and “suicidal.” The bond exchange was executed saving the country millions of dollars in years to come.”

— Andrés Arauz

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 6, 2021 / — Last friday, February 5th, Andrés Arauz, the Ecuadorean presidential candidate for the political coalition, Unión por la Esperanza (UNES) gave an impactful presentation to more than 100 of the top international institutional investors. The webinar was organized by Torino Capital LLC and TerraNova Partners LLC.

One of the main objectives proposed by Arauz is to reactivate the country’s economy and face the current economic recession being experienced in Ecuador through a broad social agreement that allows wealth to be generated, improve the country’s productive capacity, and curb the drop in levels of production.

In the presentation, he clarified that he is eager to negotiate terms with the IMF that are in sync with the current distressed national economic reality and that he is in talks with them. He clarified that moving out of dollarization would be “insane” and “suicidal.” He said that the bond exchange was executed saving the country millions of dollars in years to come. Arauz had a clear understanding of the country’s need for international financing and plans to work with all sectors: banks, capital markets, IFIs, and other countries, if they serve Ecuador’s interest. He will work with investors and plans to access international capital markets.

He explained his national economic and fiscal policy that left Investors satisfied. His economic and labor platform is oriented towards the recovery and improvement of employment levels and the stimulation of micro and SMEs through a simple taxation system, at all levels, so they can withstand the current economic scenario as well as increasing oil production.

After his Q&A presentation, the Ecuadorian bond market reacted positively, indicating that investors might have changed their perception about country risk.

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