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Dr. Yasmine Saad’s 2023 Media Engagements Highlight Her Influence And Expertise In The Psychology Industry

Dr. Yasmine Saad of Madison Park Psychological Services

Dr. Yasmine Saad of Madison Park Psychological Services

NEW YORK CITY, NEW CITY, UNITED STATES, April 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dr. Yasmine Saad has been a prominent figure in the field of mental health and personal development, whose exceptional contributions and achievements have once again been honored by ThreeBestRated®, naming her the top psychologist in 2024 in New York City.

This recognition will never be a cakewalk, as a business must pass through ThreeBestRated®’s rigorous 50-Point Inspection which analyzes various, industry-related aspects to pick the top one. Needless to say, Dr. Yasmine passed the inspection through her commendable performance in 2023. Her notable achievements of last year are as follows.

Dr. Yasmine Saad has always been active in her field and seized every opportunity to help her community with her knowledge and services. On that note, last year she continued to make waves with her insightful contributions and impactful engagements. From live events and summits to podcasts and articles, her influence has been felt across various platforms and audiences.

Live Events/ Summits:

Dr. Yasmine Saad made her appearance at various live events and summits, showcasing her expertise and dedication in her field.

>> She spoke at events like You Are Not Alone hosted by the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Project Uprise Live, Ignite Humanity, Uprise Business Amplifier, Global Thought Leader Conference, and Free Yourself from Anxiety and Depression.

>> She showed her support for women in events with the Global Woman Club New York, and spoke alongside Dr. Shefali at the Global Woman Club event, Turning Pain into Power.

>> Collaborating with Deepak Chopra, she shared her knowledge at the Global Woman Summit – The Power of Women Shifting the World – in London.

>> Throughout 2023, she attended numerous summits and shared her invaluable insights with audiences. The summits she participated in include Think and Grow Rich Institute Summit, The Legacy Leadership Summit, Stop Worrying, Stop Struggling Summit, and the Pre-Holiday Parenting Summit.

Notable Awards Received:

>> Dr. Yasmine had the opportunity to clinch numerous awards that stand as a testament to her excellence in the industry.

>> Notable among the awards is the “Global Woman – Rising Star Award.”

>> Additionally, she received the “Super Connector Media – Media Maven” Award.

Contributions Through Articles:

Throughout 2023, Dr. Yasmine engaged herself in sharing her insights through various articles and publications. Her articles are featured in numerous well-known publications. Some of them are…

>> Her articles such as ‘Revolutionizing Healthcare: 5 Doctors You Need to Follow in 2023’ in USA Today, ‘5 Tips for Habit Tracker’ in Insider, ‘Romanticizing Your Most Boring Tasks is OK, Actually,’ in the Huffington Post, and ‘Why Santa Claus Stills Has a Hold on Us’ on Yahoo offer valuable life advice to her followers.

>> Dr. Yasmine’s commitment to holistic mental health care was spotlighted in publications like ‘Decoding Thoughts and Emotions: Dr. Saad’s Journey to Holistic Healing’ in USA Today, ‘Cracking the Stress Code: Discovering the Essence Within’ in the Los Angeles Tribune Special Thought Leader Edition, ‘Unraveling Emotions and Thoughts: Dr. Yasmine Saad’s Journey to Holistic Healing’ in CEO Weekly, and ‘The Psychology of Desire’ in Behaving Magazine. USA Today wrote of her work, “Dr. Yasmine Saad is redefining how we understand the human mind, combining wisdom and revolutionary techniques. Her unique approach transcends conventional boundaries, making her one of the leading figures enriching the world of psychology today. As the Founder of Madison Park Psychological Services (MPPS), she is challenging the status quo and shaping the landscape of psychological care.”

>> She also explored the complexities of couples and provided advice in pieces like ‘Divorce Coach vs. Therapist’ on Newsbreak, ‘Couples Moving Out’ in the New York Post, and ‘Is Your Spouse Having A Midlife Crisis’ in Brides.

>> Some of her features, including ‘Peak Performance Coach with Tony Robbins’ in Forbes, ‘Coaches Focus on Impact’ on WILD 2023, and ‘Madison Park Psychological Services: A Holistic Approach to Mental Health’ in Healthcare Business Review, demonstrated her unwavering dedication to exploring various impactful coaching methods.

Podcast Appearances:

>> Furthermore, Dr. Saad has extended her reach through participation in podcasts, aiming to inspire a wide set of audiences.

>> Her podcast appearances in 2023, include Inner Globetrotters, The Dude Therapist, Most Memorable Journeys, The Joy of Living, Unlocking Your Inner Voice, Transforming Millions, Mind Your Mind, and Women Building Wealth.

Contribution to “Moral Compass” Book:

>> Not to mention, she collaborated with the CEO of the Los Angeles Times, Moe Rock, by writing a chapter in his book entitled ‘Moral Compass.’

Through all these endeavors, Dr. Saad has solidified her position as an industry leader in the psychology industry, further accentuating her contribution.

Dr. Yasmine Saad: A Brief Introduction!

Dr. Yasmine Saad, the founder of Madison Park Psychological Services has over 15 years of expertise in the industry. Known as ‘The Wise Psychologist’ among her clients and colleagues, she has been exhibiting solid professionalism and compassion in her career. Her expertise has amassed recognition nationally and internationally and earned several accolades.

She is the pioneer of a groundbreaking approach, known as Inner Message Approach™, which is designed to empower clients to eliminate negative patterns and decode their thoughts and emotions so that they can unlock their true potential. Forbes and USA Today have both featured her Inner Message Approach™, writing:

“Creating a structured decision-making process can be done with the help of psychology. Dr. Saad has developed The Inner Message Approach™, which can help business leaders decode their thoughts and emotions to find clarity and develop a roadmap to navigate obstacles.” – Forbes

“Dr. Saad’s innovative Inner Message Approach™, praised for its efficiency and depth, has revolutionized the therapeutic process, melding Eastern wisdom with Western therapeutic techniques.” – USA Today

At her clinic, she has built a team of top psychologists who share her dedication to compassionate care. Together, they take pride in having helped thousands of clients towards transforming breakthroughs in their lives. They offer individual, couple, family, & group therapy, parenting therapy, holistic therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness-based therapy, and more. To know more about her services, visit https://madisonparkpsych.com

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