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Dr. Danial Deheshi, Burnaby Dentist Presented With The ThreeBestRated® Award for the year 2024

Dr. Danial Deheshi of Solo Dental

Dr. Danial Deheshi of Solo Dental

BURNABY, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, March 29, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dr. Danial Deheshi at Solo Dental has once again proved his excellence and received the prestigious award from ThreeBestRated®, which declares him as an outstanding 2024 Dentist from Burnaby. This award is not only for his excellence but also for the resilience to remain steadfast in his commitment to great patient-centric care and expand his treatment scope, despite the lingering effects of the pandemic and the other obstacles.

“While we may be inclined to define the last year by the challenges that we may have faced or overcome, it is also hard to deny the positive events and outcomes we have had for our office, our staff, our community, and most importantly our clients,” states Dr. Deheshi.

During the post-pandemic period, Solo Dental in Burnaby and the Brentwood District, has made many improvements and advancements in their services. Dr. Deheshi, the principal dentist at Solo Dental, feels proud to share them with his patrons.

Improvement In Understanding Aerosol Management

Despite the unfortunate events that surrounded this global pandemic, it provided Solo Dental an even better understanding of infectious disease, which resulted in ingenuity and unmatched protocols. Advanced screening, sensitive tests, and improved procedures enabled Solo Dental to quickly create and implement preventive measures, ensuring the safety of their patients, staff, and loved ones at home.

“We are extremely proud that we had no incidences of COVID-19, spread or breakouts,” expressed Dr. Deheshi.

Another significant adaptation stemming from the pandemic is the concept of working from home. Solo Dental takes pride in becoming more in tune with remote meetings and communication that enabled their patients to reach them in a better way with minimal disturbance to their day. Furthermore, online communication also facilitated seamless collaboration with other disciplines including pharmacy, specialists, laboratories, and ceramists.

Expansion In Treatment Scope:

“We have also had growth in our practice and services,” said Dr. Deheshi.

>> Cosmetic Work
Dr. Deheshi added, “Cosmetic work has and continues to be a staple in the dental care we provide. The goal of our treatments is to eliminate disease and most importantly establish good aesthetics for our clients.”

With the advancement of dental treatment solutions, digital dentistry, and modern materials, Solo Dental can achieve all their patients’ goals seamlessly. “I can’t count the number of people that we helped attain their oral and cosmetic goals as a part of their overall health and life planning,” said Dr. Deheshi. Many clients are proud to show the natural and beautiful results they have established with smile design and veneers at Solo Dental in Burnaby.

>> Botox Therapy
Botox and Dysport have been used in the medical and cosmetic industry for quite some time. “A recent increase in the incidence of headaches and temporomandibular disorders (TMD) associated with the muscles of our face have resulted in the need for Therapeutic Botox among the therapies we provide at our office,” as per Dr. Deheshi.

The incorporation of Botox into their services enabled Solo Dental team to address localized pain and resolve their patients’ problems very quickly. Moreover, with the use of such therapy, they “can address their patients’ discomfort, while reducing facial lines and wrinkles as a bonus!”

>> ConeBeam3D Radiography (CBCT)
“CBCT has been in our industry for some time. However, over the last two years the machines have become far better in technology, safety, and environmental impact,” said Dr. Deheshi. Solo Dental uses “Green” technology in their machines and imaging, meaning, it minimizes the patient’s exposure to harmful radiation and leaves less impact on the environment (avoiding single-use plastics, film, and non-biologically friendly materials).

Furthermore, CBCT at Solo Dental can be integrated with numerous other imaging equipment and software using ‘stitching’ technology. This allows CBCT radiography to be integrated with oral 3D imaging software, and printing equipment, which facilitates the fabrication of customized dental appliances and tools required and utilizes such models with precision in design, measurement, and execution.

Dr. Deheshi said, “With the use of CBCT and 3D imaging, we can design any surgical or cosmetic work that can be stimulated, reviewed, and delivered in the same form (previously shown).”

“We can design our patient’s cosmetic needs including implant therapy from beginning to end prior to starting with no changes encountered along the way.”

>> 3D Imaging and Printing
Three-dimensional computerized scanning has greatly improved dental care and overall the patient experience at Solo Dental. With this equipment, the Solo Dental experts can have a model of the patient that is accurate, moldable, and always retrievable.

“Gone are the days of using “thick, gooey, poorly tested materials that the patient had to tolerate. Accurate scanning and 3D printing allow infinite access to an image with no distortion or inaccuracy,” as per Dr. Deheshi.

Furthermore, Solo Dental has included ‘Superimposition software’ in their service, that allows them to track changes in dental issues such as dental wear, tooth shifting, and gingival recession (gum loss) at incredibly accurate and detailed measurements. The more sensitive the imaging the more foresight they can have for their patients.

>> AI (Artificial Intelligence)
AI has become a stable operation in many businesses and industries. On that note, Solo Dental has incorporated such technology into their services for the benefit of their clients.

They use AI Web Chat, which enables them to answer their patients’ questions after hours and facilitate certain requests. Solo Dental has also integrated AI into its imaging and diagnostic software, which improved the diagnostics, imaging, and design process. “We can provide a much more comfortable experience to our patients by avoiding invasive procedures while utilizing quick and comfortable tools to improve the patient experience,” said Dr. Deheshi at Burnaby’s Solo Dental.

“Although I can’t state one event that defines last year, the coalition of them gives us the reassurance that we were able to execute the Solo Dental experience that we had planned from the beginning. We expanded the services that we provide while continuing to expand our patient base,” said Dr. Deheshi.

“Having grown with our community into the busy practice we have become has been a very rewarding part of my career. I have had the pleasure of personally enjoying the growth and experiences mentioned here. I am very glad to have chosen a profession that I very much enjoy.”

Looking Forward:

As Solo Dental looks ahead, its dedication to innovation, growth, and patient-centric care remains unwavering. The clinic promises to continue to adapt to advanced technologies and the highest standards of dental excellence that ensure great patient care.

“It was like yesterday that we were ringing in the new year into 2023. After a very eventful two years before, not to mention the pandemic, it was exciting and curious, what the new year would bring us,” expressed Dr. Deheshi.

About Solo Dental

Solo Dental is a leading dental practice in Burnaby, running under the ownership of Danial Deheshi, who has over 17 years of expertise in dentistry. He has a great passion for art and beauty which applies to his dental work. Dr. Deheshi chooses evidence-backed materials and treatments to provide his clients with natural and durable outcomes. The clinic’s commitment to building trust and rapport with patients has resulted in remarkable growth, both in its client base and the treatment/services offered. Solo Dental has been equipped with state-of-the-art technology and tools. With a focus on patient satisfaction and quality care, Solo Dental offers a comprehensive range of dental services, including cosmetic dentistry, Porcelain Veneers and Crowns, sedation (IV or Oral), Teeth Whitening, Dental Exams & Cleanings, Composite Fillings, dental implants, wisdom tooth removal, therapeutic Botox therapy, and advanced imaging solutions. For more information, visit Solo Dental’s Website. Dr. Deheshi is currently accepting new patients. Solo Dental is located at 1–4465 Skyline Drive Burnaby, BC V5C 0H6

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