Cultivate Lasting Symphony, Inc. Launches its Website

A specialist known for successfully revamping people’s mindsets and leading them to unbelievable breakthroughs in all facets of life has unveiled his website.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 30, 2020 / — Representatives with Cultivate Lasting Symphony, Inc. today announced the official launch of its website.

Cultivate Lasting Symphony is a play on its Founder Craig Siegel’s initials, Craig Landon Siegel.

“We are very excited about the website launch,” a company representative said.

The newly launched website features a responsive design, which means it automatically adjusts to the screen of users, so whether site visitors are using a cell phone, tablet, desktop, or watch, the website responds and fits the screen for user-friendly and easy navigation.

In addition, the website features tabs such as About, Coaching, Podcast, Programs, Member Login, Press and Media, a Shopping cart, ways to connect with Siegel on social media, and more.

The company founder Craig Siegel noted that he believes that while people are not broken, their frames often are. Siegel alters their map of the world and revamps their mindset, thus leading to unbelievable breakthroughs in all facets of life.

As to how clients rate Siegel, one said, “I don’t know any other person like him. How does he do it? Where does he get all that energy to keep it leveled out perfectly like that all the time? He’s like a living energy ball. Like a Duracell battery. All I have to do is look at his post, without even listening to what he’s saying (today I didn’t have my AirPods charged), so I was looking through without voice in the subway, and I was just able to absorb all that positivity from the screen of my phone.”

A second client noted, “He has a very contagious spirit about himself that helps people see their potential. I like that approach. Sitting on a couch talking to a therapist about life’s problems is not the way to go for everyone, but he offers an approach to seeing your own potential by making the changes from within. I think that is genius.”

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About Cultivate Lasting Symphony, Inc.

Cultivate Lasting Symphony is a play on its Founder Craig Siegel’s initials, Craig Landon Siegel. Craig is a born and raised New Yorker. He grew up with an older brother and two loving parents. Natural talent was not something Craig had a whole lot of, but he had heart and an abundance of grit, and this fueled his ambition.

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