Coursing through Epochs; John Carden Releases His New Novel

Samson Blair The Time Marshal!: An ICOPE Story

“John Carden, this year’s most anticipated author, published ‘Samson Blair the Time Marshall: An ICOPE Story’; showing the struggles of time traveling”

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 17, 2020 / — Bewilderment, perplexity, and dubiety – the complex and precarious combination of emotions of the protagonist as he traveled through time set John Carden’s Samson Blair the Time Marsha!: An ICOPE Story different from the other novels. The unexpected journey through time creates multiple conflicts (intrapersonal, interpersonal, etc.) that transcend even what human consciousness can afford to comprehend.

John Carden’s most imaginative book of all time sets is the story as an Old West United States Marshall suddenly transposed through time – Modern-day Los Angeles. As Human Nature dictates every one to survive, the main character must brave through challenges despite his confusion and unfamiliarities. Samson Blair the Time Marsha!: An ICOPE Story shows the will of one person to strive for survivability while shredding shrouds of confusion each step along the way.

Battling through the confusion is, but only the first step in our hero’s quest to find answers. Facing what appears to be creatures of a new kind for him, the hero gets to meet space aliens, shapeshifters, imperial seers, and Trecian Witches. With unrevealed intentions, the main character treads carefully. John Carden’s Samson Blair the Time Marshall: An ICOPE Story unveils the intent of these characters if whether they will aid our hero in his quest to go back to his timeline.

To read the most exciting and anticipated novel, you can find it on Amazon. The book is available in different formats to suit the needs of each reader.

About the Author
John Carden is a native Texan, who is now living in the forest of Eastern Texas. For 46 years, John taught Algebra, Geometry, Texas History, World Geography, American History, World History and a lot more. His experience teaching in World History and Geography has given him far more insights in the creation of this book, Understanding how time changes culture and understanding, John Carden has perfectly shown it through his knowledge about the History. He is now a known author of 6 more publications.

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